After using all the prescribed medications and antibiotics, and even trying out some herbal soaps and medications, that nasty odor from your lady bit still won’t go away? Maybe it’s high time you considered that way you use the toilet, because that nasty vagina odor might be as a result of bad toilet etiquette.

transitioningIn a previous article, I listed out various odor that your vagina should not have. I also stated that, there is no distinct way of describing what a normal pussy should smell like. But contrary to the opinion that your vagina shouldn’t smell at all, it does have its own fragrance. We are humans and we have body odors, we sweat and our armpits produces odors, so is the same with the vagina.  But your pussy odor depends on a number of factors and your toilet etiquette is one of them.

When you use the toilet, how do you clean up? Interestingly, you will find out that many ladies don’t even clean up after they use the toilet, or they don’t clean up properly. Cleaning up after using the toilet is very compulsory in order to prevent your vagina from having nasty odors. You should not only clean up when you defecate, but it is equally important that you clean up after urinating.

Your urine can travel from your urethra down to your vagina. If it stays there, it will mix with your pussy juice and the odor would be nasty. So it is very important to clean up after urinating. Also, if urine dries up in your panties because you failed to clean up, it would also cause a nasty pussy odor.

It is also important that you clean up every time you change your pad during mensuration, you can read more about this in this linked text.


You could use water, tissue papers or wipes. You have to be very careful if you are using tissue paper, because they are easily brittle and could leave particles in your vagina. When cleaning, let your hand movement be from your vagina to your anus, and not from your anus to your vagina. This is to prevent particles of feces come in contact with your vagina, this could cause infections and could result in nasty pussy odor. Also remember to pat dry your clitoris and urethra opening.

Personally I would advise that you don’t use any toilet beside your personal toilet in your home, this is with exception to toilets that you trust that the cleaning methods used in maintaining the toilets are up to your standard.

I would also advise that you properly flush before and after using any toilet. Also if you must use a toilet that doesn’t meet your standard, please do not sit on the toilet seat rather squat. This is for your own safety, and to also prevent the risk of getting toilet infection. Also remember to clean up properly.

Stay safe and maintain a good toilet etiquette


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