One issue that a majority of women are concerned about but are embarrassed to talk about openly is vaginal looseness.

The truth is there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed in opening up about the issue as it is perfectly natural. The causes of a floppy vagina are varied, and it doesn’t relate to anything like having too much sex as some people believe.


A vagina will end up being slack due to childbearing as the vaginal muscles needs to widen in order to allow the baby to pass through. Aging can also cause loose vagina owing to hormonal imbalance, especially with estrogen deficiency.

Some might question the importance of tightening a loose vagina. A floppy vagina might not sound like a major problem as it is rarely discussed openly.

However, the feeling of a loose vagina leaves most women with low self- confidence.

Another disadvantage that affects women with loose vagina is the issue of lack of libido which largely affects their relationship in a negative way. Therefore, finding ways to deal with this problem is crucially important.

When it comes to making a loose vagina tight, there are countless suggestions out there but none is as effective as vagina exercises. Here are a few exercises every woman should do to make her vagina tight.


Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises are workouts that can be done in the comfort of your home.

These are the most popular methods that females try first prior to trying other methods.

There is wealth of information online about different kegel exercises and even different tools that can be used along with doing these exercises.

Kegel exercises help to strengthen your vaginal muscles and can tone your loose vagina back to its pre-stretched state. This translates to being able to give your man an amazing orgasm and leave them wanting more.

Most women have never done these exercises, as they are quite wary of their bodies. But kegel exercises are pretty easy to do, once you learn how to do them.

First, locate your pelvic muscle by lying on your back.

Then squeeze your vagina muscles.

These are the muscles which you use to stop the flow of urine.

Next, train your pelvic muscles by doing 3-6 sets of 25 reps. Repetition must be just a second hold. Don’t expect to reach your target initially, but it is advised that you perform these exercises gradually. This is precisely how you should do these exercises in a safe manner.


Leg raises


The leg raise is not only a perfect exercise for the neglected hip flexors and lower abdominals, but it is also effective in tightening your loose vagina.

A majority of women perform these exercises because they work.

Leg raises are usually done while lying on the floor or hanging from a raised curve bar. If you opt to lying on the floor, you will need a mat to lie on. If you experience lower back pain, you may need to pop a towel under your lower back area. This starts as you lie on the floor on your back, then you raise your legs into the air one leg after the other.

Ensure that you don’t bend your legs.

Instead, keep them straight as you raise and lower them alternatively.

Pause for a few seconds then gradually lower your legs back down.

While it is great for warming up, it strengthens all the muscles around your vagina.

For maximum benefits, it is advisable to do this exercise for about ten minutes and repeat the sessions at least five times per day. A variation to this technique involves moving both of your legs sideways.

Performing this exercise regularly can bring your vagina to its original state sooner than you think.



The advantages of yoga are making headlines almost every day, and many women are realizing that they can tighten their vagina with a healthy lifestyle which comprises yoga. These exercises are related to the contraction and expansion of pelvic muscles, which will result in the tightening of a loose vagina. The best thing about yoga is that you don’t need to be a specialist to perform it. Adding several posses to your everyday routine can help bring back the lost tightness.

Such yoga poses as the Child’s Pose, Bridge Pose, among others are for tightening the pelvic floor muscles.

While doing yoga is a no-brainer, women who are stressed or depressed should avoid it as it can cause physical problems when done incorrectly. Therefore, if you are struggling with stress or depression you need to exercise under the supervision of a certified yoga teacher. A yoga trainer knows how to tailor a workout that will suit your everyday life and accomplish your goal within the shortest time imaginable.



All forms of squats are good to strengthening your vagina.

By doing squats, you will effectively regain that lost tightness. If you are not used to performing squats, they can be more difficult than you may have thought.

But once you master the skill, you can do them anywhere provided you have the energy required. To perform squats correctly, stand with feet outside of hip width, place your toes out about 30 degrees and make sure your feet are level. Break at the hips and pretend that you’re sitting onto the bench.

As you squat, remember to keep your spine in neutral and your chest lifted. Prevent your lower back from rounding as you squat. As you return to the standing, push through your heel because this will prevent you from standing on to your toes. While squats have been shown to help tighten a loose vagina, they may cause injuries, aches or even damage to the body when performed wrongly. If you are challenged in performing squats correctly, it helps to hire a coach.


If the first spark faded and what was intense became calmer after bearing a child, these vagina exercises can help bring back the lost spark. Exercise can be dangerous when done incorrectly and these exercises are no exception. Therefore, before you can start any of these vagina exercises, take time to learn how to do each exercise correctly.

Also, pay attention to your nutrition. Consume foods that are high in natural estrogens which are found in fenugreek, sesame seeds, pomegranates, soybeans and its products, yarns, carrots, wheat berries and apples. Also, ensure that you consume lots of wholegrain organic carbs as well as organic lean animal protein. A well-planned diet will go a long way towards keeping your inner muscles strong and healthy.



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