5 ways to enjoy sex with vaginal dryness

When did I know about my vaginal dryness?

When I started having sex with Eric my fiancé, everything was okay. Then along the line I started realizing I wasn’t as wet as I used to be. This led to serious issues along the line. He felt I wasn’t attracted to him anymore and nothing I could say would have made it better. How do you explain to a man you love that you are so turned on but not wet. I felt there was something up with me for a while and I was ashamed to talk about it, seek help or even consider using lubes. It didn’t feel natural. And yes I suffered in silence until sex became a chore.

It was not until a bonding cup of coffee with my girlfriend that I realized it wasn’t normal. Been taking baby steps and trying out some things with Eric in recent times. We are not there yet but our sex life is getting better.  I wasn’t alone. That realization was everything – Anonymous

She; let’s call her Joy isn’t the only woman who has experienced vaginal dryness. Although vaginal dryness has been identified as a common symptom of menopause, other factors also play a role in vaginal dryness.  Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can trigger symptoms of menopause in women, which may lead to vaginal dryness. In all of these factors mentioned above, your hormones are the culprit, specifically the estrogen. Estrogen is the female hormone that keeps the lining of the vagina, lubricated, thick and elastic. When this happens, women notice that the lining of the vaginas become thinner, drier and self-lubrication becomes difficult.

 Vaginal dryness can also happen pre-menopause. Around 17% of women aged 18-50 experience vaginal dryness pre-menopause. You are probably wondering, what could be the cause?

Some common causes of vaginal dryness in every woman

1. Hormonal birth control

Did you switch to a new birth control pill and then noticed your vagina competing with the Sahara? You should check out that birth control. This doesn’t happen with every woman but is a culprit especially if you switched to a pill. If you feel like this, opt for non-hormonal birth control forms like the copper IUD which won’t make your hormones go bonkers. If you experience constant hormonal imbalance try a natural herbal remedy like the Yoni fresh kit to get started.

2. Menopause

Just like we said above, this is the major cause. When the estrogen level drops as it would during menopause, the vagina tissue gets thinner, less elastic and dry. These changes in the genital area is called genitourinary syndrome of menopause. And can lead to dryness, irritation and loss of lubrication. This explains the dry up.

3. Medications

Certain medications like antidepressants, antihistamines come with sexual side effects such as vaginal dryness and decreased libido. Antihistamines used in treating flu and allergy symptoms work by drying up secretions which your vagina isn’t excluded.

4. Health conditions

Some health conditions like autoimmune condition Sjogren’s syndrome can cause dry mucous membranes and result in problems like dry eyes and dry mouth. The vagina can also be impacted because it’s a mucous membrane.

5. Arousal disorder

If you find it difficult getting lubricated or always feel only during sex then you may have an arousal issue. An arousal issue is quite broad and the problem can be as a result of lack of foreplay, relationship issues, poor body image and hormonal imbalance. If you find it difficult responding psychologically to sexual stimulation and getting turned on in general, then it may be the right time to book an appointment with your gynecologist or sex therapist. You may be suffering from an arousal disorder condition.


6. Douching

Stop douching already! Douches, sprays, perfumed toilet papers and soap can irritate the vaginal tissue and cause it to dry up without warning.

Now that we know the major causes of vagina dryness, it is advisable that you reach out to a sex therapist or gynaecologist to get the required help. However there are certain things you can try at home that are bound to work.

Here are five effective ways to combat vaginal dryness

One way to combat vaginal dryness during sexual activity at any age is by working towards getting more stimulation before sex. Engage in sexual activities that increases blood flow to the vaginal tissues; this helps in stimulating natural lubrication. If you can get an orgasm before penetrative sex, the better for you. Want to know how?  Let’s begin

1. Lubes and moisturizers

Lubes are not unnatural. And if you need one for sex, enjoy it. Apply a safe water based generous amount of lube before penetrative sex. If you don’t have lubes try moisturizers. Moisturizers can imitate your vagina’s natural moisture and can help relieve symptoms. The make me wild organic lubricant is a safe and organic water lube that can double as a moisturizer and is an easy fix for vagina dryness.  When choosing lubes and moisturizers make sure the product you use is pH-balanced so you don’t upset your body’s natural equilibrium 

2. Keep your pelvic wall in shape

The secret to a well lubricated and aroused vagina lies in the pelvic floor muscles. The vaginal muscles and other internal organs are all supported by this pelvic floor muscles. But, a failing estrogen level can make them become weaker. Nevertheless, there are simple exercises you can do to help get them back in shape: Kegel exercises can increase blood flow to the vagina which increases lubrication, moisture, arousal levels and keeps the tissue healthy.

However, doing kegels right is as important as the kegel exercise itself to get the benefits. The Mahogany vibrating kegel exerciser will serve as a guide to make sure you are doing the exercise right by activating the right muscles. If you don’t fancy vibrations, try the non-vibrating Yoni balls instead. Start right now by incorporating kegels into your routine and reap the intimate benefits for your pelvic floor muscles.


3. Sex toys

Sex toys were made to heighten pleasure. In a scenario where you find yourself turned on but find wetness nearly impossible. Take your time to explore your clitoris and vagina properly lubricated to discover pleasurable and sexual sensations. Sex toys can help promote blood flow to the clitoris. Blood flow to your sexual regions will improve arousal, wetness and sex drive. Clitoral sex toys are always the first choice; either a vibrating or suction toy will fit . The wild gal heating wand toy is a must have clitoral toy if the feel of a direct stimulation to the clitoris is your vibe. Or try suction toys like the Orlena suction toy if you prefer indirect stimulation to the clitoris.

4. Aphrodisiacs

When used once, this may only provide a temporary solution but can bring you immense sexual pleasure. However continuous usage over time can have immense sexual pleasurable effects in the long run. The yoni lift tea will increase blood flow to the vagina increasing lubrication and immense pleasure during sexual acts. For a one time effect, the naughty girl aphrodisiac and wet and wild is a good choice to heighten sexual pleasure.

5. Estrogen treatment

Estrogen therapy is the most common long term treatment for feminine dryness.  A topical estrogen (a cream, ring, or tablet) is applied directly to the vagina overseen by a doctor. This method is most effective. However, some estrogen therapies can have negative side effects. This is why you should consult your doctor to know what works for you.

It is possible to still live your best sex life with vaginal dryness. To know more visit the Mahogany store to know how.

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