Virginity: how to prepare yourself for YOUR first time

I stumbled on a relationship page on Instagram where a woman shared her frustration at the difficulty of losing her virginity to her husband after a year of marriage. Although that post bothered me, it was the comments that motivated me to write a post on “How to have a hitch free first time sex.” If you are yet to have penis in vagina sex for the first time, you should check that out. In that article, one of the many tips mentioned are foreplay. Although the key to having a bliss experience lies in foreplay, many women are confused about what that means.

Foreplay is subjective to different interpretation for women as what works for one woman is different to another woman.  On the internet there are many tips to help women lose their virginity with less pain through foreplay, but no one tells a woman who has no idea of how her body works how to get that.

There are so many tips to help prepare you for losing your virginity through penetration but nothing would be as effective as foreplay. But, foreplay is not as effective if you do not know your body or what brings you pleasure.


Here is how to prepare your body before losing your virginity

  • Find a time alone for yourself with minimal disturbance for about 30-40 minutes. Stay in a comfortable position or lie down tucked under your sheets.
  • Wash your hands and lie in a comfortable position. Stimulate your mind with erotic thoughts. You can watch porn, read an erotica or use your imaginations.
  • Relax, take deep breaths and explore your body. Imagine your lover’s fingers trailing your body as you move your hands up and down your body. Discover those hot zones on your body you probably didn’t know existed. You can use a feather to play around your body. Do these for 10- 15 mins. I advise setting a timer so you don’t get distracted looking at your clock.
  • Shift your focus to your thighs and settle your attention there. Run your fingers or feather along your thighs down to your vulva. Play with your labia and clitoris to increase the blood flow to that region. If your clitoris is too sensitive to touch, touch it through the clitoral hood.
  •  Get your finger wet with a lubricant (Saliva is not entirely safe) as you put it inside your vagina. If this is your first time, you would get used to it, just chill. Allow yourself feel what your finger has discovered inside your vagina. You can go deeper into your vagina or just stop there if you feel uncomfortable.

  • Congratulations on your first step.

Losing your virginity through penis in vagina sex is not in anyway different from what you just did. The only difference is that the penis may be bigger than than your finger. And if you are bothered about the size, you can use a finger vibrator for your next love session for yourself before penetration.

Try this as many times as possible until you get comfortable enough with your body before losing your virginity through penetration. You would find it easier.

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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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