Web of seduction- pt 1

It’s past 6 am and I’m wide awake stress eating and watching the popular Elevator Baby movie on Netflix. My phone beeps again but I ignore. The message is from Tolu: my colleague at work and opening that message had nothing good to offer me. Or so I thought.

Another message comes up, this time around with more angry emojis.

Zainab, pick up now. It’s important

She was pissed, but I would be angrier if I missed the drama from Toyin Abraham. What could be so important? I was not even enjoying the compulsory lock down, working remotely was nothing new to me, work could wait for now.

Sitting in what’s going to be my new room until the lock down is called off, I’m wishing I answered Tolu’s call earlier.

The company where I worked rented a service apartment for some of the workers close to the office to make work easy and reduce minimal contact with others.

Sharon was calling to tell me so I could call the HR to make the arrangement favor me or opt to work from home instead.

To cut the long story short, I was spending the lockdown in a service apartment with Nonye; the quiet girl from work who rarely spoke to anyone. Could this lock down get any worse?

”Hi, I’m Nonye” she extends her lean neatly trimmed fingers to me for a handshake.

”Zainab” I reply holding her gaze until the handshake rituals are over.

The next couple of days are filled with work. Nonye and I are always pored into our work from the office, glued to our laptops and using our free time to go about our personal lives. But with time the awkwardness reduces. I begin to unconsciously notice her features. She has a nice smile, her eyes are brown with perky full breasts to die for and a slim waist. I wonder why she tends to hide it. I don’t ask, not yet. We are not that friendly.

I’m sending an email to Tolu and after that I plan on watching another movie on Netflix. There is a knock on my door and I’m surprised because we never pay each other personal visits unless it has to do with work.

”Hey, workaholic. What are you up to?” she asks as she sits at the edge of my bed.

”Just emailing Tolu my report”

”After you mail your girlfriend, what next?”

”Watch a movie maybe? Do you have anything in mind”

”I was thinking since we successfully submitted the big project. We could celebrate, with wine, play some games and do something that doesn’t involve us being glued to any screen”

Pinch me. Did Nonye just suggest drinking wine and playing games to me?

”And we can get to know more about each other since we are going to be together for a long time” Nonye adds

”I’m in. Just blanked out because you don’t strike me as the fun girl”

”There are so many things I don’t look like”

True to her word, I knew nothing about Nonye. Who would have thought that she could have fun, drink wine and even use marijuana.

The smell of the marijuana hangs over us and I welcome the scent. The last time I had a blunt was during my NYSC days which was 5 years ago. Safe to say I was out of practice. Nonye looked completely in her element and I admired how graceful she looked rolling blunt. She was wearing a crop top and a butt short because her butt cheeks were bare. We were playing the regular game of truth or dare and you had to do every dare. What’s the harm in a dare I thought to myself?

After exhausting my truths and feeling light headed, we get down to the business of dare.

”I dare you to dance naughty and touch yourself while at it” Nonye tells me

”Can I take another dare? I’m not that daring”

”You are baby girl. Moreover, it’s just the both of us”

We set the mood with morning by Teyana Taylor. I dance seductively, my eyes fixated on Nonye while I run my hands all over my body. Thankfully I’m not naked so it’s less awkward. I cup my breasts, allow my hands trail down to my stomach and rest at my panties.

I’m getting turned on from marijuana, vodka and the moans from the background music. I’m tempted to slip my hands in and I give in to the temptation. The look on Nonye’s face is wild and hungry and I can see her hands rest on her breasts and cup it oblivious to the fact that I’m watching. This is getting quite uncomfortable, I have never watched someone touch them self in front of me. This was weird but I liked the way it was going.

”Nonye, your turn”

She breaks out of the mantra but her eyes do not leave my body. She is making me horny and eager for her already but I’ve never been with a woman before or even thought about it for too long. I make my way back to the sofa and drench my thirst with the bottle of water sitting by the side.

”You dance really well. By the way what’s my dare”

Nonye says not giving me the room to respond as she draws closer with a wry smile on her face.

I can’t breathe anymore having her close to me and I don’t know why. Her hand rests on my thighs and I feel a jolt of electricity surge through me, her touch is tingling with just the brush of a finger and I wonder what will happen if she kisses me.

Why am I thinking of being kissed by my fellow girl?

Holding Nonye’s gaze is difficult but I need her to stop.

”Nonye, I dare you to…” I’m blank

”To do what?”

”I don’t know what to dare you. Since the rules apply to the both of us alone”

”Should I strip for you?”

My voice is stuck in my throat as if I swallowed a bone. I try to nod but I find myself pulling her back and kissing her instead.

OMG, I just kissed a girl

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