Web of Seduction- Pt. 2

Food play during sex?

Today was my day of firsts. It’s the first time I would be kissing a girl but it was an intense and most sensual experience ever. And it may be the first time I play with food during sex. Food play.

Nonye tastes like blazing ashes and maybe mint. Placing it is not something I’m interested in trying.

”Can I touch you” Nonye asks me

I nod my head to show my consent but she doesn’t budge, just stares deeply into my eyes and holds my gaze.

”Zainab, may I touch you? I need to hear you say it. Tell me you need me to touch you.”

I’m perplexed. It’s the first time I would be with a girl and one as open as Nonye left me bewildered but wanting more. Couldn’t she see that I didn’t want her to stop kissing me.

”I want you to touch me Nonye” I reply in a quivering voice full of shaken desire in a tongue wrapped in aching wants.

”I like the want in your voice”

Nonye pulls my face closer to her lips and pulls me in hungrily. This time she doesn’t kiss my lips fully. Instead she nibbles on my lower lips beginning with soft grazes of her tongue and alternating with her teeth. She trails my back with her sharp fingers, getting scratched isn’t what I would have thought I liked but I was definitely enjoying myself.

”Can I touch you?”


I’m surprised at the want in my own voice. I’m hongry and sexually starving.

”Yes, you may. But while we continue our game. You didn’t think this game was over?”

”I thought we could ditch the game for a while and play with each other”

I reach for her full breasts and cup it. Of course my hand can’t cover it up completely. Nonye was endowed in the breast department and I couldn’t compete with that. The surprise in her eyes when I take off her crop top and place her mouth on her bosom turns me on. Her areola is very dark and pointed, screaming at me ”Suck me” and I oblige.


I flick my tongue around her right nipple while playing with the left with my finger. On her right nipple I’m kissing, licking and caressing but on her left nipple I’m flickering, pinching and twisting simultaneously. Her body melts under my touch, her breath is quickening and her moans intensifying. She pulls me closer to her, my chest on hers and plays with my ears. My earlobes are her first point and she tackles it hungrily with her tongue and intense scratches from her teeth.

”I want to control your body, would you let me?” she whispers into my ear

I had never been had someone make this request and control was an alien subject to me, unless she wanted to play the next Christian Grey on me, which I wasn’t sure I was ready for.

”It’s nothing harmful. You only give me permission to do some nasty but fun things to you. I want you to be my food. My food play”

”How nasty? What does food play and the permission mean”

”Nasty like eating this chocolate mixture off your body. But, the fun part of it is the control. I am in charge of how you react. For instance if you don’t move while I eat you out with this tasty chocolate, you could win a full body massage…”


”Or I could do whatever I want to do with your body. Like eating you out” I counter

”Seems you are catching up fast already” she chuckles and kisses me”

I’m lying naked on the sofa like a lamb ready to be slaughtered. My request for Nonye to be topless so I can admire her seems like a terrible idea. It’s getting me so worked up.

My hands are bound using the silk rope from my sleep wear. Nonye maintains my gaze as she spreads the chocolate almond toppings from my neck to my breasts and stops at my navel. Next she brings out a feathery tickler and runs it in front of my face. Food play during sex just meant she was having me for food.

”How ticklish are you?”

Like an expert, she kisses my neck lapping off the chocolate with her eager tongue. The tickler is driving me crazy under my feet. Remembering the deal we struck is just enough to keep me still.

Her mouth produces a suction feel. She blows soft air on my neck, slowly gravitating to my breasts and sucking on my nipple. The flurry feather trails my neck and I hold on to the bed sheet tightly, not wanting to give away myself.

”Allow yourself breathe baby. We just got started. I’m yet to eat you”

True to her word, we just did. Nothing prepares me for the intensity of her next move. I feel it before it drops. Ice on warm chocolate accompanied by her warm breath. The ice rests comfortably on my belly button. She swirls her fingers in chocolate allowing it mix and dips it in my mouth, digging my fingers deeper into my mouth as I devour every drop.

I want to be eaten more than I want to eat. Food play sounds interesting.


But, she just began. Let’s not forget how the tickler is driving me nuts too. She gropes my breasts, spreads the chocolate and laps me like a river. I feel the twitches, the feather rests between my thighs, rubbing against on my erect clitoris and I feel my body begin to twitch.

Soul snatching doesn’t even define this. My soul hangs mid air, stuck in between allowing my body melt down uncontrollably as it should or staying still for the greater picture.

What do you do when pleasure is knocking loudly at your door? Release or hold on for the greater pleasure.

I’m stuck in a web of seduction but I enjoy being the food.

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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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