What Breast Sizes and Shapes are Normal?

If you are an Instagram addict, chances are you have seen incredibly perfect and perky boobs with zero need for bra support. It is “normal” to immediately question the shape and size of your own breasts / or spend a little more time in front of a mirror.

But with the internet peddling various cosmetic solutions for body augmentation, that worry may quickly turn into an unhealthy obsession.

But here’s the gospel about breasts: Almost anything is normal, and these five (5) things are the similarities as well as the differences between breast shapes and sizes


Yes, perky boobs are the rave, but they are not the norm. Some boobs are soft and heavy, others are firm and perky.


The valley between your breasts is determined by how wide your structure is and how full your breasts are. Some are set close together, others are wide apart. In fact, some may even be slightly asymmetrical

Cup sizes

It is normal to have one boob bigger than the other. It doesn’t mean they are mismatched, or unhealthy in any way. Just that, in some people the difference is more noticeable than in others.


The common belief is “all breasts are round”. Incorrect. Some are round, some are long. Long and thin breasts, or long and full breasts are just as normal as round and full or round and flat.

Also, saggy boobs are normal and are called “ptotic” boobs. Breasts become saggy from weight loss and breastfeeding, mostly.


With nipples, there are no expectations. Although there are two major types; pointy  and tucked in or inverted. Nipples can also come in different sizes, which is not always determined by boob size. This means that you can have large boobs and small peanut-sized nipples. Same way you can have palm-sized boobs with extended nipples.

To be clear, nipple size or shape do not affect sensation in that area.

So what do natural, normal breasts look like? Because there is no bureau of weight and measures for breasts, these nine (9)  shapes are the most common when it comes to women and our boobs

Although these nine (9) shapes are the “norm”  there are many in between shapes. So if you’re not on this list or you fall into more than two categories, you’re still OK!

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