You may have heard that when you stop having sex for a while, you are susceptible to cobwebs, thorns or an overgrowing forest. And your hymen doesn’t miraculously grow back neither do you suddenly get tighter. Get the picture? Well, none of that is true though, but there are certain physical changes your body may undergo when you stop having sex. Let’s just say not having sex for a while has some physical consequences but nothing life threatening.
Although lifelong celibacy differs from suddenly deciding to stop having sex. It’s like tasting the forbidden fruit and wanting to stop abruptly. If you are a healthy person and you stop having sex, then you may be depressed because of it research has said. Well, you wouldn’t die but you have to be ready for the changes in your body. Here are some of the things that can happen to you when you stop having sex.

1. A change in your libido
If you stop having sex, you may experience a change in your libido. You may feel a drop in your sex drive- or an increase in your libido. Some experts have advised that regular sex increases your libido and for others abstinence may do the trick. So, depending on your body you will experience a change in libido. You may not be interested in having sex or experience an increased desire for sex.

2. You may become more stressed
For persons who use sex as a form of stress reliever, a stop in sex will increase their stress level. In a study, blood pressure activity to stress was lower among people who had sex than people who abstained. But for some people, sex may actually be stressful so abstinence from sex may reduce stress for them.
3. Lubrication may be more difficult
Having regular sex can be a way of keeping your sexual organs in tune and going without it for a while can leave you dry and humped. It may take some time getting your juices flowing as much as they should. In older women it gets more difficult as the body produces lesser estrogen.
4. You lower your risk of STI and UTIs.
There is an advantage that comes with not having sex at last. Well, the risks associated with STD is quite obvious but not having sex for a while can also reduce your risks of UTI. (Well, it depends on the type of sex you are having). Intercourse is responsible for potentially increasing the risk of recurrent bladder infections due to the spread of bacteria that can occur. Frequency of sexual intercourse is the biggest cause of recurrent urinary tract infections.
5. Your menstrual cramps may be worse
This may sound surprising, but, regular sex helps in alleviating cramps during your period. When you are not having sex, the cramps associated with your period may be more intense. “The uterus is a muscle and most women have a uterine contraction when they orgasm, which will cause the blood to expel more quickly which will in turn decrease menstrual cramps” according to reader’s digest.

6. Your immune system may become more vulnerable
Sexual activity contributes to your body’s immune system and a break from it can make the body means the body is not getting the benefits associated with having sex thus making the body prone to illness and infections the immune system may have blocked.
7. Your vaginal walls may weaken
For women who are entering menopause, not having vaginal penetration can cause the vaginal walls to weaken. Without regular intercourse as one gets older can cause the vaginal walls to thin out and cause painful sex when you are ready to get back in the game. Increased activity increases blood flow.

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