What is sex addiction?

Is sex starting to become a real problem for you?  Do you think you may be having to much sex? Have you been diagnosed of sex addiction? This article may help you figure it out.

What is sex addiction?

Sexual addiction is a condition in which you find it hard to manage or control your sexual behavior. In this psychological condition, sexual thoughts and urges affect your ability to work, maintain relationships, and fulfill your daily activities.

It is also known as are sexual dependency, hypersexuality, and compulsive sexual behavior. Other names include Nymphomania in females and Satyriasis in men.

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Symptoms of Sex Addiction

  • You experience recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, sexual urges, or sexual behaviors
  • The time you spend engaging in sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors consistently interferes with other important things in your life like work or family time
  • Sex is the first thing you think of when you are stressed, depressed, anxious or feeling any type of way
  • You have tried without success to control or reduce your sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors
  • You often forget or disregard the feelings of others or the consequences of your sexual urges and fantasies
  • You are stimulated by acts and fantasies that most people do not consider acceptable.
  • You always feel terrible or ashamed afterwards

Treatment for  sex addictions

Addiction can be difficult to treat unless you are willing to accept it as a problem. Usually, sex addicts tend to rationalize and justify their behaviors and thought patterns. People with a sex addiction often deny there is a problem.

Some of the best way to get over sex addiction include:

  • Intense Therapy
  • Managing stress
  • Identifying triggers for sexual thoughts or compulsive sexual behaviors
  • Finding alternative behaviors that are less destructive

The best way to get over any kind of addiction including sex addiction is to surround yourself  with the people you love and replace old habits and relationships with alternate healthier relationships and healthier habits.

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