What should i do if the condom breaks?

Dear Mahogany,

I’m freaking out right now. I just had sex with my partner, we used a condom but it broke before we were done. I  I’m still here with my boyfriend, this has never happened before, what should I do? Please respond ASAP.



Dear Lola,

I need you to stay calm so you can follow up with these instructions. I understand that you are nervous about what happened and the risks of an STI or pregnancy but it’s important to focus on the actions you will take instead. You are not the first person and definitely you won’t be the last person whose condom broke. The risks you face depends on the type of intercourse you were having.

Take a trip to the restroom

I hope you have and if you have not, I need you to. Although this won’t reduce your risk of an STI but urinating may reduce your risk for a Urinary tract Infection (UTI). Drink water so it can encourage your need to go. Here is why you should stop urinating before sex. While in the toilet push down your vaginal muscles to push out any sperm .

Use an emergency contraception

If you are concerned about pregnancy and you are not on any birth control, now is the right time to prevent contraception. You can go to your local pharmacy and ask for the morning after pill. Popular over the counter brands are Postinor 2 , Post pill and more.

These emergency contraceptives are effective when taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex but you can take them now. Sooner is always better.

See your doctor about the risk of an STI

You need to visit your doctor and get tested to see if you have been exposed to any risk of STIs. Also if you feel that you have been exposed to HIV, alert your doctor. You might be prescribed with post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to prevent an HIV infection from occurring.

Please do not douche, wash up instead. Douching can irritate sensitive skin around vagina. This can open you open to infection and push the semen further into your body. Try all of these methods listed above to stay protected after unprotected sex.



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