Every woman who has experienced an orgasm can’t wait to have that feeling again. A jerking body, multiple vibrations or near convulsions, you name it. We can all relate that our orgasms may not be always sexy but who cares, we wouldn’t miss a chance to get it, over and over again.
According to a survey carried out on social media, the most common form of orgasm is the vaginal orgasm followed by clitoral orgasm and not much is said about the nipple orgasm. Why? The nipples have over 800 nerve endings which makes it susceptible to touch, causing nipple stimulation which releases oxytocin, the bonding and love chemical.
News flash; the nipple orgasm is for both women and men

Getting the big O
This is kind of tricky because most women enjoy being touched in different ways, but just like every form of orgasm, it begins gradually and slowly.
Start with the breast. Play around the breast, circling with your fingers, teasing around the edges until your partner is begging for more. You need to pay attention to your partner’s breath and body movement as you work your way towards the nipple. Go slowly at first when squeezing and build up the pressure. Understand that you do not have to be too harsh or too soft, you just need to build up the right amount of pressure.
For the main meal, try some light pinching of the nipples to get it erect. What works for me is my partner ticking my nipples with a finger, slowly and rougher as it gets erect. you may try sucking and pinching or ticking, whatever works for you. An erect nipple is a turn- on for most guys and an erect nipple produces more oxytocin. Try, applying more pressure, mixing up the styles and teasing as your partner builds up towards orgasm. Although this orgasm may not be quite as enthralling as that of the vaginal orgasm, it’s worth every bit of pleasure gained.

Nipple stimulation activates the same region of the brain as clitoral and vaginal stimulations. What this means is that a woman’s brain reacts to nipple and vaginal stimulation the same way. You have to be open to orgasmic chances and know that in achieving nipple orgasms you need to explore and know your body and understand the erogenous part of your breast.

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