What’s Your Fuck-Face?

Been thinking about the faces people make during sex..lol. Trust me,they've been some funny pictures sliding in my head. Some baring teeth like fangs,some very green teeth too. Some hanging their tongues and breathing hard like puppies. Some guys even writh their faces so ‎bad,you'll think they're taking a crap on you..lol. I mean,imagine u humping a gal and she goes"Ooh!" And flashes some really long teeth…or u're riding this guy real hard with ur head thrown back and then you hear a low whimper. Brought ur head down to see his face and the look on his face scares u to squirt! Like,sometimes I look at a person for a minute,memorize their features and then try to construct their "fuck face". Its like this: if she's got lots of teeth,expect the zombie face; if she's got gaps in her teeth,expect the chipmunk look; if he's an heavy breather,he's pro'ly gonna hang his tongue; if he looks like Rozay,grunts like Rozay,expect the i-think-i-crap-myself look..lol. I mean no harm. And I'm pro'ly right too :p

So,what's ur fuck face?

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