When Sex Calls

I let open the windows to allow some fresh into the room. The sun was coming up. Supa lay on the bed naked, in all his glory.
His dick was calling out to me. Last night was crazy. I had just experienced the best body shattering orgasms of my entire life.

Supa was my sister’s boyfriend and I seduced him without regrets.
And now, leaning against the curtains, crazy feelings overwhelmed me.
I looked at the clock and I wished time will freeze. I needed more of him. I was raging with hunger and thirst for Supa.
I approached the bed and I got a better view of his beast. I got on my knees at the edge of the bed and took his beast into my mouth. He let out a soft moan. I looked up to let our eyes meet and then he shut it again. It was my turn to please him. To reward him for a wonderful night.
I took his entire member into my mouth. Played with it in the most erotic way. Nibbled the head, licked the shaft. I could feel his dick rising in my mouth.
I sucked and licked aggressively. His moans got louder and it turned me on. I could feel wetness in between my legs. A sweet throbbing.
I moved up his body and found his nipples. Just as I wanted to work my magic, he kissed my neck and pulled me closer. He savored my neck and ears with kisses.
“I’m having you for breakfast” he whispered and slid 3 inches underneath. I didn’t protest.


He played with my boobs and fingered me. I was so wet and over the moon. Supa turned me over and caressed my body.
The feel of his roughness against my wetness made me wild with expectations. All I felt was desire, the shame and guilt I had days ago has vanished. It was mind blowingly erotic to see Supa worship every inch of my body.
“You’re so beautiful. I’ve wanted you for so long.” Supa confessed. I knew this already but hearing him say it drove me over the edge.
When we met, the attraction was undeniable. The way he occasionally stole glances at me while assisting my sister with whatever work she had.
I clamped my arms around his neck to prolong the kisses all over my body. My hands were trembling and I felt shivers all over my spine. He made his way to my pussy and as his tongue hit my clitoris, I knew this affair will never end.
When he finally got inside of me, he lasted for ages. He made love tantalizingly and with all his attention focused on me, just the way I desired. No one had made love to me so passionately. He kept his eyes open and stared at me. I threw my head back and tried to control myself. I climaxed like never before, trembling and shuddering with pleasure.

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