Dear Mahogany,
I had an abortion ending of February and bled for about two weeks which stopped in March, it was one of the most painful and heartbreaking time of my life and I have not gotten over it. But, the problem is that I have not seen my period since then and I don’t know if it’s normal. I’m losing sleep over it and I feel like my body system has completely changed.
Please what do I do about it. Is it normal? When should I be expecting my period.

Dear Anonymous
Thanks for reaching out to us. Let me begin by saying it’s quite normal to feel terrible about an abortion and in most cases its more psychological which is what you may be experiencing now. You need to cut yourself some slack and live again.
After an abortion, your body might take a little time returning to normal and which might take time depending on your body and how far you were gone before having the abortion. Menstruation normally returns within 4-8 weeks after an abortion although in some women it can be later than that.
If you performed the abortion early then you have nothing to get yourself worked up over. Give it time and stay protected.
Love as always,

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