Dear Mahogany, Why doesshe insist on turning off the lights?

I have a girlfriend I have been dating for a year, in fact today makes it our first year anniversary. My girlfriend doesn’t live with me, but whenever she does, she spend up to 3 days, maximum 5 days.

Sex with my girlfriend is great, but I have noticed something about her. Whenever we are about to have sex, she insist that I turn off the lights. We do not have spontaneous sex, or daytime sex, because everywhere has to be pitch dark before my girlfriend can get in the mood.

I have seen my girl naked before and she has a perfect body, but what I don’t understand is why she always insist that I turn off the lights before sex. Although I have asked her this question before, she just brushed it off and said it make the sex better.

I feel it’s weird that the lights must always be off before sex, or is it because she does weird stuffs during sex and that’s why she insist on darkness?

Jide 29.

Dear Jide,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The issue here is simple, your girlfriend has insecurity issues and that is what is holding her back from exploring sex with you as you would like, and that is why she insist that you turn off the lights before sex. It is your duty to make her secure around you, make her trust you and also show her that you care about her sexual life.

Of course this would not be easy at first and would require a lot of patience and understanding on your part. I would also like both of you to read the highlighted text in this reply together, it would help both of you deal with this issue. Hopefully the both of you would find a common ground where she would be comfortable with you.




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