Midnight Thoughts 101: Why don’t we talk about sex?

Why is the word ‘sex’ such a heavy word for singles? Why do we all pretend that most of us are not sexually active and getting that ‘fix’??
When I talk about being sexually active with friends, I get shocked with their judgmental responses. Quite hypocritical. I’m ┬ánot going to deny or mask that I have needs. Or bow my head in shame. Or refuse to even speak about sex.

Some idiots will see this and come to rant in my comment section. Especially the men. The ones who would want to teach me dignity and purity. And how I should keep myself for my future husband. But they never take their own advice.

There are so many young women pretending and masking their true feelings about their urges and sexual encounters because ┬ásociety teaches us that ‘ A Man can boast about how many women he has slept with (married or unmarried) ‘ but ‘an unmarried woman must never speak of her sexual encounters lest she gets termed a “whore” or loose woman’. We have mystified sex.

Shout out to all the women keeping it real. No pretenses. And don’t get started with me on the religious bullshit. I read my Bible too. But HEY! I love Sex and I have a high libido. A lot of women do too. That doesn’t mean I am careless, loose and irresponsible. It means I am human. And for the record, I don’t jump into bed with just anyone. I have great taste.
You MUST be a pleaser in bed. I am too. I can’t date a guy who cannot give h*d or eat p***y. You have to return the favor. It’s a mutually enjoyable activity.

I was raised by a Mother who keeps it real. A woman who understands that sex education is very important for young people. But we never almost talk about it. We avoid it. We cringe and abhor it. And yet a lot of young people are sexually active. And they make mistakes. They get lured into sex.

A lot of young women recount their first sexual encounters with so much bitterness. Young women continue to make terrible mistakes regarding sex: unwanted pregnancies, life threatening abortions, terrible STD‘s. Because, instead of proper sex education and emphasis on Safe Sex, we tell them that fornicators will end up in hell. We tell them that their sex urges are not natural and urges are temptations from the devil. We scare them with lies and how a woman’s honor lies in her virginity.

Our world is changing. We must accept that and properly educate the young ones.
Please do not misunderstand this post, I am NOT promoting sexual immorality. I want a lot of older people/ parents to properly educate young people and teenagers about sex. Sexual urges are completely normal but you should exercise self control if need be and always protect yourself.

It is up to us to change the world. You and I. One step at a time.

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  • Mims
    4 years ago Reply

    This is the realest post i’ve read in a while. we have urges, being sexually active does not make one a slut. sex education is important too.

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