It’s an undisputed fact that whatever Rihanna does is a hit. Her music, fashion line; Fenty Puma, and now her new makeup enterprise FENTY BEAUTY. Fenty Beauty has been making huge waves all over social media. I mean whenever you scroll across Instagram, you are sure to find a post or two about Fenty Beauty this…, Fenty Beauty that….The amazing fact about this new makeup product is that all the reviews I’ve read or gotten about this product are all positive. There might be some negative reviews somewhere, but I haven’t come across any. Fenty Beauty has really raised the competition on beauty products by a 100%.

The price of this new makeup product is cheaper, compared to the prices of other existing brands of makeup products. Fenty Beauty is said to meet the demands of every skin color, most especially the dark skin women. With up 40 diverse skin tones of foundation shades, to represent all the different skin tones, spanning from ultra-light to deep dark.The reason this product has gained so much popularity all over the world, isn’t just because it’s from the queen herself, but this product actually works wonders. You could see it from the review all over the social media, and it’s amazing. It’s has even gained optimum popularity across the dark skin community, because it meets all the needs of black women. It so wonderful to have a makeup product or brand that puts the needs of the black community into consideration.There is no need to exaggerate the love Fenty Beauty is receiving all over the world, because you could feel the excitement and enthusiasm Rihanna is emitting on the beauty product. She is so much involved in it, it’s like this is her second passion, her music being number one.

This is one beauty product I am sure to get pretty soon.

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