Dear Mahogany
I have an issue that has been bothering me for some time now. I love the sight of big boobs, I feel like it’s a confidence booster and I’ve always wanted to have a big breast but unfortunately my breasts have stopped growing and they are just normal. I am 20 and I still wonder if my breasts will grow. I do not want to apply anything on it like I have been advised by friends. I want to know if my breasts will ever grow bigger and if there is any solution to it.
Salma 20

Dear Salma,
We appreciate your confidence in us. Puberty is associated with a lot of changes as you may know, growth in the breasts, hips and buttocks. In most cases growth can start as early as 7 or 13 in other cases and stops at 17 -18. Breasts usually start from age 8-13 and may continue to grow into your early twenties (don’t fret). The size of your breasts is influenced by your weight and your genetics which contributes to your present size.
The size of your breast may increase if you gain weight, sometimes fats accumulate to the breast region thus increasing breast size. There have also been some arguements that daily intake of some herbs and fruits can work wonders to your breast size. Also, your breast increases during pregnancy and after childbirth, the breasts may become fuller and rounder and continue to grow at that stage.
The effective way to change the way your breast looks is through cosmetic surgery just as you may have seen on TV and breast enlargement creams but you may have to be careful in selecting such creams that have direct contact to your skin, the risks of cancer lurks within some of them. When selecting a cream or opting for breast surgery make sure you contact a cosmetic surgeon to put you through the pros and cons involved.
But, you do not need big breasts to be confident, the best way to gain confidence is by acceptance. Breasts come in different sizes and forms and loving your breasts is the only way your breasts can be loved by any other person. It is important you love every part of your body and remember that every breast size differs. Accepting your body is very important even if you decide to go for cosmetic surgery. However, it is pertinent that you choose the right bra type for your breast size as this helps in giving your breast the boost it deserves.

I hope this article provides an answer to your question. Remember to eat healthy, walk tall and proud like the queen you were created to be.
Love as always,

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