Women: Low Libido Signs, Causes and Treatment

Do you suddenly want less sex than you used to? Do you have a partner that seem to want more sex than you do? Are you worried that you may have a have low libido / sex drive?

Once in a while, depending on the time of the month, stress level, living conditions and emotional state, women find themselves wanting less sex than their partners. It is common and completely normal. However, it becomes worrisome when you notice that your general interest in sex has always been the same.

Signs of Low Libido in Women
  • You are never / rarely in the mood
  • You never initiate sex or romance
  • When you have sex, you don’t enjoy it
  • You can go without sex for months without craving it
  • Your body respond slower to foreplay
Causes of Low Libido in women

The reasons behind your lack of interest in sex are mostly psychological than biological but women generally suffer form one or both.

Eight (8) Psychological Causes of Low Libido in Women
  • You’re battling self-image or body image issues
  • You’re depressed
  • Your work, love life or family life is under a lot of strain
  • You’re not enjoying sex with ” that” person
  • You feel pressured to have sex by your partner
  • You’re not interested in that particular gender
  • You’ve had a bad childhood experience related to sex
  • You have had a traumatic sexual experience

Any of these reasons listed above could take out the fun in the whole idea of sex and make you lose interest in sex completely.

Six (6) Health-related Causes of Low Libido in women
  • Genes:  Low testosterone levels in both men and women have been linked to loss of sexual appetite and a reduced sex drive.
  • Abnormal thyroid levels:  Hypothyroidism can throw off your body’s metabolism and reduce the production of sexual hormones in your body.
  • Medication:  Have you started a new drug like oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, Beta blockers etc? Any new medication can throw off hormonal balance in your body, male or female.
  • Drug abuse: Repeated substance abuse generally slows our body’s natural response to stimuli. People who abuse drugs also to emotionally detach from their partners.
  • Post-Partum Depression:  It is common for women who have just had babies to withdraw from sex and show less interest in intimate relations with their partners. This phase usually passes without any medical intervention needed.
  • Other major health conditions like diabetes, Hyperprolactinaemia and other hormonal abnormalities.

Treatment for low libido in women depends on what factor is responsible for the lack of sexual appetite.

For health related causes of low libido in women, accurate diagnosis and proper treatment is only possible with a medical practitioner.

For psychological reasons, counselling, examining your love life and lifestyle changes can boost your sex drive and bring back the fun into your bed.

For lifestyle changes, we recommend reading Everyday Foods that Boost Your Libido

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