Continued from Drag Queen pt 2.

All night I could not keep still, all I could think of were those sweet hungry kisses I had just received. Flash back from the moment I sighted Sophie at the bar kept playing in my head. I still wanted to feel her or should I say him. The feel of the tingling sensation around my groin every time Sophie spoke continued to trouble me.

My night was restless, I kept tossing and turning all over the bed. I longed for Sophie, but at the same time I was curious. What was his real name? How would it feel to be with a fellow man for the first time? I knew I was gay, yet I was finding it difficult to accept. Meeting with Sophie and the way he made me feel brought some sort of excitement, and I immediately wanted to explore my sexuality. I wondered what the first time would feel like.

My mind drifted back to the night’s ordeal, and how I made Sophie feel, and the way he stormed out of my apartment in anger. I knew I should immediately go and look for him, although it was too late to do that this night, I will go to the bar and enquire about him the next day.

As soon as the sun rose the next day, I immediately set out of my apartment in search of Sophie. When I got to the bar, it was closed. Lucky for me I saw a familiar face. It was the bar attendant, the same one who gave me odd looks when I asked that he gave Sophie whatever drink he requested.

He was surprised to see me, but he greeted me with a smile. I quickly inquired about Sophie and he told me that he came back to the bar in distraught. He told me Sophie came back, changed out of her drag queen costume and left for home.  I asked about his house address, and he gave me, but on one condition. That I would not go looking for Sophie unless I was sure of what I wanted. Then I asked what Sophie’s real name was, and he said Kelvin, Sophie is the drag queen’s name.

I was certain about what I wanted, I knew what I had to do, I knew I had to be with Kelvin one more time. I went straight to her apartment, with hopes that I would meet him there. When I got to Kelvin’s apartment complex, kind lady directed me to his apartment. My heart started to race as soon as I got to his door. I knew I had to be courageous, so I took a deep breath and knocked at his door.

I heard his voice before I even saw him, the same masculine voice that caused me so much horniness. As soon as he opened the door and I saw him, I had a full blown erection and I knew I was going to explode if I did nothing about it. I could only manage to whisper his name “Kelvin” before I rushed to him, kissing him with a strange hunger I have never felt before.

To be continued…..

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