7 incredible health benefits of prostate massage

When you think of prostate massage, what image can you picture in your head. It’s no news that the anus contains nerve endings for sexual pleasure. But, what exactly is the prostate massage (prostate milking) why is it called milking and what health benefit does it provide.

What is the prostate?

The prostate is the tube in your penis that carries urine from your bladder. The prostate gland rests about two inches inside the rectum, between the rectum and the penis. The main job of the prostate is to make the semen fluid that helps sperm travel and survive. Now that we have ascertained what a prostate is , what is a prostate massage and how is it done ?

What is prostate massage or milking?

Prostate massage is simply massaging the prostate to empty fluids from your prostate ducts. The fluid produced is usually milky hence the name. Prostrate massage involves the stimulation of the P-spot for pleasure and milking. The p-spot is a small muscular gland that produces the seminal fluid found in ejaculate. The fluid released after a p- spot orgasm is just ejaculate without the sperm.

Prostate massage, Prostate milking

How to have a prostate massage

The prostate can be milked either directly or indirectly. For a prostate massage you can make use of fingers or love toys like the U-shape prostate massager. Whether you are the giver or receiver there are certain things to have in mind.

  1. Empty your bowels- massaging the prostate can make you feel the urge to pee. So, empty your bowels before a prostrate massage so you can easily relax during the massage.
  2. Wash up. If you are the receiver you have to make sure your anus is clean. No one wants to touch something else during insertion.
  3. Trim your nails and take off every jewelry especially rings. You don’t want it trapped in someone’s butt hole. Plus the anus is delicate so we ought to treat it that way.
  4. Make sure your fingers do not have any cut to reduce the risk of the transfer of bacteria.
  5. Use lubes. The anus unlike the vagina is not self-lubricating. So for more pleasure and intense stimulation, make sure you stock up on water based friendly lubes. Lubes awaken the external nerve endings and get it ready for penetration . Shop for your water based flavored lubes here.
  6. If you are new to this, begin with your fingers before switching to toys.

Prostate orgasm is possible through stimulating the anus but for a heightened level of pleasure stroke the penis at the same time. This will help you achieve orgasm faster. 

Benefits of prostate massage

The benefits of prostate milking extends beyond simply pleasure. Here are seven incredible benefits of prostate massage every man should know of.

  1. It can treat erectile dysfunction

Prostrate massage treats symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Can serve as a treatment on its own or alongside other ED treatment. Some men swear they’ve had increased sexual pleasure and are able to ejaculate more easily. Lifestyle changes such as dieting, exercising and doing some pelvic floor exercises.


2. Alleviate painful ejaculation 

Painful ejaculation can be triggered by fluid blockages in the reproductive system. Prostrate massage can help free these fluids. Prostate massage can help eliminate the blockages. Keep a date with prostate massages for lesser painful ejaculation.


3. Get more orgasms 

The posterior surface of the prostate is covered with sensory nerve endings which heightens the pleasure. You can give your partner a double pleasure by trying the penis – in – anus penetration. It’s a win in both cases: penile stimulation for you and prostrate stimulation for them.

4. Relief from BPH symptoms 

BPH Benign Prostate hyperplasia is known as enlargement of the prostate. This condition is common and affects 50% of all men between the ages of 50 and 60 and 90% of men over the age of 80. This is because prostate massage helps increase circulation in the prostate which increases oxygen/nutrients in the gland.

5. Greater volume of ejaculation

Men who milk their prostate tend to have a healthier amount of ejaculation. This is because the smooth muscles of the prostate contract during orgasm and supply much of the pumping action observed during ejaculation.

And each prostate massage physically expresses the gland and yields greater amounts of pleasure fluids.

prostate milking

6. Better prostate health 

Prostate fluid is produced in small sacs inside the prostate gland called “acini”. Some men develop deposits in this fluid that become hard over time, impacting these areas and creating inflammation.

While the reasons for this are not fully understood, it’s believed that prostate massage may help unblock “acini” through a more thorough emptying of the prostate.

7. It may improve urine flow

The swelling from the prostate can put pressure on the urethra and interfere with urine flow, this is because the thin tube that drains the bladder is surrounded by the prostate. Prostate massage or milking can release swelling for better urine flow. 

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