#BBNaija: 5 Reasons Why We Love Tobi Bakre

Without question, Tobi Bakre stole the hearts of many girls across Africa in the 3 months stay in the Big Brother Naija house. His gentle, caring disposition endeared him to both male and female. The soon-to-be 28yr old Yoruba boy was the perfect gentleman, a competent leader and a caring friend.

Here’s a list of 5 reasons why we love Tobi Bakre

He is the ideal Yoruba lover boy

From the first few weeks in the house, Tobi proved himself to be the gentle lover boy with his first crush Cee-C. His puppy love for her was so evident and almost too painful to watch. When that relationship turned sour, he moved his attention and devotion on to a more deserving Alex who gave back as good as he gave. We are secretly still rooting for these two. Yay, TOLEX!


He is the perfect gentlemen

At first, we were so sure his calm and humility were an act or that he was under Cee-C’s spell. It was almost impossible to believe that he was genuinely that calm and sweet. Till Cee-C proved us wrong when she went crazy on him in the last week before the Finale. The way he took in her rage and insults without violently reacting marks him as a perfect gentleman in our books

He is expressive

One month into their stay in the house, Tobi Bakre revealed his stand on sexual health, STDs and unprotected sex when he shared with us his sexual history as a growing boy. According to him, he started having sex as early as 12 years old and had contracted gonorrhea before the age of 17. Trying to cure that on his own taught him a vital lesson on using protection and getting professional health care, like we always advice on Mahogany.

He is smart and intelligent

What is sexier than his toned, chocolate skin ad tight abs ? His big brain and smart mind. Three times he was appointed Head of house fair and square and he came top at many of the tasks. Before Big Brother, the Ogun state born worked as a full-time banker at the Nigerian commercial bank, Heritage bank; prior to which he earned a BSc before turning 20 years old.

He is humble

Humility is virtue that looks good on everyone, no matter your social class. On the rich, it is a welcome and refreshing look. Even though Tobi Bakre was born and bred with a silver spoon by billionaire parents, not once did he brag about his background or showed off his social class.

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