How Lifestyle Changes Can Affect Your Breasts

Knowing that adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities and your breasts may not top the list of priorities, we made a list of lifestyle  changes that can cause changes to your breasts. 

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Not every irregularity should alarm you.


A woman’s breast is made up breast tissue and fat tissue. Which is why major changes to your weight may cause significant changes to your breasts. However, because  some women have denser breasts, (which means they have less fatty tissue than breast tissue), these changes will vary from woman to woman. That means the higher the proportion of fatty tissues in your breasts, the more likely it may increase or decrease with your general body weight.



Are you worried that exercise may affect your breasts size or shape? The truth is most of the changes exercise may cause to your boobs comes from movement. Breasts movement during exercise can lead to breast or back pain in some women. Weightlifting is unlikely to affect your breasts in anyway even if you gain stronger muscles in your pec (underneath your breasts)



It is not exactly known how alcohol consumption affects our breasts, but more than 100 studies have looked at the association between alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk in women.

A recent U.K. study of more than 28,000 ladies found that even low levels of alcohol consumption—less than one drink per day—increased the risk of breast cancer by about 12 percent.

What we now for sure is alcohol affects levels of hormones like estrogen which is linked to tumor growth.



Because birth control pills contain medium to high doses of estrogen, it is normal to notice a boost in breast size when you use this type of contraceptive.

Breast Implants

Breast implants CAN cause major changes  to your breasts. Other than the obvious fact that it increases your breast size, It may also cause your normal breast tissue to atrophy ( weaken or lose function). Depending on the surgeon, and the procedure  you  choose , you may lose sensation in your breasts,  especially the nipple area.


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