How to Style your 2pcs Lingerie

When shopping for lingeries, especially the two (2) piece lingerie, it is usually categorized as a strictly inner wear and not much of a sexy show off lingerie, but that is not through because your 2pcs lingerie can be styled into an irresistible ensemble.

Cross the straps.

If your bra set has removable straps then you can remove the straps and change the position by either forming an ‘X’ at the back or front, or you can extend the length of the straps and make an halter neck with the straps. This new forms will give you a new spicy look and make your lingerie look more appealing.

Include an harness bralette.

Harness bralettes improves the detailing of your lingerie, making it more appealing. You can either wear it below your bra or just wear it on top of it depending on your style or the style of your bra. There are several designs of bralettes just click the link below to get yourself one at a 15% discount before they all get sold out.

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Accessorize Your Lingerie.

One of the reasons bra sets are relegated to just an underwear or termed boring is because we leave out accessories that makes them pop! For example, adding an eye-mask can change your look from -10% to a whooping 100%.

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Another sexy accessory you can add to your 2pcs lingerie is a garter belt or a thigh garter. Check out some designs below.
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