emotional trash can


Women are strong, but we could be timid as well. We love easily, that it is becoming our weakness. It’s not uncommon to see a woman abused, not just sexually, but also emotionally. We need to correct the notion that women are weaker vessels, we are not. We are much stronger than the opposite sex, and nobody has the right to treat us like an emotional trash can.

It’s not uncommon to see a woman been manipulated by emotions. We get manipulated a lot, from friends, partners, family, colleagues at work and so on. This needs to stop. We need to come to the realization that we are nobody’s emotional trash can.

You can’t be good to me only when you are happy, and when you are sad you become a horrible person to me, just because I care. It’s time we speak up and say “I am no super human, I am not the kind of woman that you will let down and think that everything is alright. I am human and I’ve got feelings too.’

We need to break away from toxic people, people who only do harm to us. People who demoralize us and take away our self-esteem. People who make us feel worthless, like nothing good can come out from us, because that’s a lie. We are worth more than nations, we builders of the society and we bring beauty and grace to our planet.

Don’t let anyone talk anyone talk you down just because they have lost hope in themselves, that’s emotional blackmail. You are nobody’s emotional trash can. You deserve more, you deserve better, you deserve to be treated like the queen that you are.

Understand that love is more than just occasional kisses and flowers. Love is more than a feeling, it’s a decision. If that person has not made the decision to love you right, you need to walk away. But for you to be able to do this, you need to be strong and love yourself first.

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