confused cheat


Continued from confused cheat pt 1.

I left the café in a hurry. I made up my mind, I would go and reconcile with Chris. He is my boyfriend and we had something special before he cheated on me with Mya, and I have had my revenge with Victor.

I dashed out the café and started to make my way back to Chris apartment. In my head, I was already thinking of what to say when I got to him. I made up excuses and reasons to defend myself, but none seemed cogent enough.

Few blocks to Chris’ apartment, I saw a familiar car. I paid no attention to it and continued strolling with urgency, until I heard my name. I turned to look at the direction which the call came from, and there he was, standing in front of me. Victor was still looking as fresh and clean as he had when I saw him in the morning.

The butterflies in my belly fluttered with joy, and I had to fold my arm across my chest to keep me from doing anything stupid. I asked him what he was doing around the neighborhood. He told me he had come to see Chris and apologize, but Chris apartment was locked, and Chris was not in the neighborhood.

I don’t know why, but something about him made me want to believe him. All of a sudden, the urge to see Chris vanished, and all I could think off was another round of sex with Victor. I was so uncomfortable and confused with him standing right in front of me. All I could think of was all the things I wanted to do to him, and the things I wanted to him to do to me.

“Take me home” I said. He ushered me into his car like a gentleman. He smiled at me and shut the door. I was such a nervous wreck and confused, but I kept asking myself why I was so horny. It was confusing. I just had sex with Victor not too long ago, I just finished masturbating in a café, and here I am, thinking of how to go another round with Victor. Instead of finding a way of mending my relationship with Chris.

Victor noticed my nervousness  and asked if I was alright. I told him I was fine but i was still confused, he left me and concentrated on the road. By the time we got to my apartment, I was visibly shaking but I didn’t know why. I opened the door and invited Victor in. I obviously wanted him there.

Victor came in, he saw that I wasn’t feeling well and he offered to make tea for me. I refused his offer. Instead I walked up to him, very slowly and pulled off the sweater he was wearing. I placed my hands on his chest, and felt the built and broadness of his chest. He most have been working out a lot.

I went down slowly to groins and unbuckled his trouser. I released what I now considered my best friend. His six inches full, thick penis was all I needed now. Victor’s dick seemed to be the complete solution to all my problems.

I put his dick in my mouth and started sucking. Maybe he was moaning, maybe he was not I didn’t care. I continued to suck like my life depended on it. I was the happiest moment of my life yet. Victor was pulling at my hair. I also noticed he was also slowly thrusting his dick in my mouth. But I didn’t care. I let his dick feel up my mouth. Deep throating as I wanted, sucking hard and pulling tight like I wanted to suck out his throat. Often I would hear him moan and pull my hair harder, but all those meant nothing to me, I just wanted to have my satisfaction.

When I was done sucking, I led him to my room pants down. I pushed him to the bed and completely removed his trouser. I removed my shorts and pantie. Then I mounted him. I was already dripping wet, so it was easy. I sat on his dick slowly, controlling the pace of the penetration, and when I felt it hit my spot I groaned. I took my time, then I grinded him, slowly but steadily. I enjoyed watching his eyes, the way they dimmed with pleasure.

I increased the pace I was grinding him, and I started to hump. Oh! It felt so good. I controlled the motion. I humped higher, harder, faster. I was in my world. I was a cowgirl. Then I got tired of staring at his face and I turned over. Reverse cowgirl. Still sitting on his dick, I folded my legs, and spread out my body, so my hands touched his feet and I started again. Up and down. It was a delight, like kids on the bouncing castle.

I felt Victor move. He actually sat up and held me tight. He was shaking. Oh no! This wasn’t happening he fucking came. But I wasn’t going to let him rain on my parade so I faced him. I started kissing him passionately, while burying my fingernails deep in his back. His punishment for cumming before me. I knew he could feel the pain, he was trying to shake off my nails, but I wasn’t giving in. Instead I bit hard on his lower lips.

He tried to push me off him, but instead he fell back on the bed. I gave him an evil smile, then I resumed my position. I was riding again. Hard and free. This time I would show no mercy. Whether he moaned or he begged, I didn’t care. I was in control. Riding and stimulating my clits at the same time.  Biting my lips while playing with my nipple it was all me.

Soon I roared and screamed at the same time. I was there. I blacked out, my muscles went numb. My hearing wasn’t functioning, except for the siren sounds I was sure was from my head.

By the time I was able to gain my consciousness, I was able to make out Victor’s feature as  he hurriedly picked up his things to leave my room. Again I didn’t care. I closed my eyes and had myself a blissful sleep.

I was no longer a confused cheat, i was evil.


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