No Consent= Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse has become a menace in our society, and it seems like nothing is been done about it. We get horrifying stories on sexual abuse all over social media almost everyday, but we don’t hear about the punishment given to the predators. Instead what we hear is the stigmatization and judgement the victims face.

In line with our campaign  against sexual abuse, #ProtectHer, #Listen2Her, #BeHerFriend. We are creating this poll, to help victims of any form of sexual abuse find the courage they need to speak up. They need to understand that they are not alone, and they are not at fault in anyway. The predators need to be punished and they must not go scot-free. Victims of sexual abuse should not be stigmatized or judged by the society. Instead they need to be encouraged to know that they can face the nightmare and come out undefeated.

Dressing is not a consent or permission to sexually abuse anybody. The society is always quick to judge the victim based on her dressing, this is wrong. Consent comes first. Consent is required. No consent equals sexual  abuse. Keep your hands to yourself if she says no. Also being a female does not make you weak, rather you need to learn to fight the predator. Don’t show fear or weakness rather fight. It is a fact that these predators attack  their victims and get away with it because their victims are defenseless.

Self-defense need to be inputted in our sex education, so ladies know how to protect themselves when the beast or predator comes lurking.

Your sexuality is not a reason to be abused.

Remember, no consent = sexual abuse.

Take the poll and share it with the ladies around you.

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Join today in the campaign  using the hashtags; #ProtectHer, #Listen2Her, #BeHerFriend.

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