What Form of Contraceptive Do You and Your Partner Use?

We all must have used one form of contraception or the other. Condom and pills being the commonest. The truth is that we mostly avoid using the other forms of contraceptive because of their side effects and our relationship status. I can only imagine a bachelor getting a vasectomy or spinster going for tubal litigation.

There are a lot of stories concerning the uses of contraception, some scary and others positive. There are a lots of myths concerning the uses of contraception also. But we need to understand that using contraceptives are important and not just using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or infections. They are essential for family planning and preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Everybody irrespective should be able to go to the pharmacy, drug store or any other health facility to ask for any contraceptive they are comfortable with, without any form of discrimination, As long as you know what you are doing.

We have to emphasize on the importance of contraceptive in the society today. We hope you consult a doctor before choosing any forms of complex contraceptive.


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