#socialmedia: Herpes scandal intensifies for Usher And How his wife deals with it

The drama surrounding Usher and claims that he gave herpes to an unsuspecting sexual partner seems to have intensified, as three more individuals are coming forward with plans to seek legal actions against the R&B star for the same reason. According to reports, that the singer paid a woman $1 million to settle a suit where she claimed to have contacted the STD from him, three more people –two women and a man-have come forward as well. Two of the accusers choose to remain anonymous, being named in the complaint as “Jane Doe” and “Jane Doe”.  However the third accuser will speak out publicly after the suit is officially filed.

However even with the walls crumbling down around Usher, his marriage to Grace Miguel appears to be solid. According to sources close to the couple, Grace has every intention of sticking with her man. “They didn’t exchange vows for nothing.”

Usher quietly married his longtime girlfriend and manger, Grace Miguel, in September 2015 while on a vacation in Cuba. Despite allegations that the suggesting that the confession crooner slept with Jane Doe, the accuser, at least twice this  year, Grace is reportedly unbothered by it all, and “isn’t giving the lawsuit any weight.”  Never underestimate a woman’s willpower to stick by her man.

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster, had no problem giving fans a quick health report. “I’m good and my health everywhere is great,” she wrote in the comment of an Instagram post. She also told fans to take her name out of the discussion stating that “some issues are not my business, ex-husbands, ex-friends, snakes, hoes, characters.” She also added “not my circus, not my clown.”

Usher’s most recent accuser reportedly is a close friend of Tameka’s and was even present at the couples 2007 wedding. With that being said, both Usher and Grace seem to believe that Tameka has had a vendetta against her ex since their divorce in 2009, which is why Grace has chosen to ignore the lawsuit all together.

Grace can ignore Tameka, but it will be hard for her to deny any hard evidence. The couple may have few more things to discuss before brushing this off.



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