Polls: Who Taught You How To Wash Your Lady Parts?

I can’t remember how I washed my lady parts between the time I started bathing myself (7 or 8 years old, i guess) and the time I got in the university (17 going on 18 years old) . Although I started using a phone before I turned 15, I didn’t find the internet useful for anything till I was 17 and even then, it never occurred to me that I may be washing my vagina wrongly.

All that changed in my first year in the university when I befriended a much older friend (10 years older to b exact).  She was the first person who showed me how to wash my vagina properly, washing around my labia and vulva without sponge or soap.

With the Internet and Google now in the face of most teenagers in secondary schools, I wonder if they are using it to access the information they need, hence this poll. Please take the poll for their sake and share with the females in your life.

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