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#social media spotlight: Why should a woman be ashamed of her nature?

I came across a post on social media, I really don’t remember which, but I think it’s Twitter. This lady tweeted “a woman had me double bag her tampons because the bag was see through and her husband would be embarrassed…. Sweetie throw the whole husband out.”  It’s funny because I can totally relate to this. I go to the pharmacy to buy sanitary pads and I always ask them to double bag it. Buy why? That’s the question we should be asking. Why should a woman be ashamed of her nature?

We’ve gone past those centuries where menstruation was considered unclean. It 2017 people!  Women should never have to be ashamed of their nature. Menstruating is absolutely normal, not menstruating as a woman is totally abnormal, expect you’ve gotten to menopause. I am not just speaking to women, I am also speaking to myself.

Anybody who would get embarrassed at the sight of sanitary pads of tampons needs to get their heads checked and straightened out. There is nothing embarrassing about menstruating, provided you maintain a high level of hygiene and you are not leaving blood stains everywhere you sit, you are good.

Society has done more harm than good, creating the notion that the nature of a woman is something to be ashamed of. It’s everywhere, this is not just about double bagging tampons. Just going to the pharmacy to ask about contraceptives is a huge problem for most women. This is wrong. Women have every right to protect themselves, maybe from; unwanted pregnancies, period stains, and sexual abuse.

You should never be ashamed of your nature as a woman. Menstruation is normal. Stretch marks are normal. Using contraceptives are important. Women need to embrace themselves, embrace their body and embrace freedom.

Love yourself. Love your body. Love your nature. Love your skin. Love you melanin. #bodypositive.


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