When it comes to oral sex, this is my favourite position among all other types of position that can be put in place during oral sex. For starters, this position is not for the uncertain, it takes a great deal of trust from your partner to be able to enjoy this position the right way you are supposed to. I call it The Face Rider or Face Sitting.

How to do it:
The giving partner lies on his/ her back on the bed, while the receiving partner carefully kneels or sits with her knee on each side of the partner’s face or squatting if she feels up to that trick. The receiving partner assumes a position that brings her clitoris to the giving partner’s lips. And with the giving partner inserting his tongue in her vagina and stimulating her clitoris, the receiving partner grinds and rides his face, dictating the pace as she rides. This position is quite flexible as sex toys and other forms of foreplay can be introduced during the sexual act. For instance, the giving partner may decide to excite the receiving partner by grabbing her hips, or stimulating her anus. Whichever best works best for them. The receiving partner can also back the giving partner with her anus in his/her face. This particular view allows her go down on the giving partner while cunnilingus is ongoing.

Why we love it:
I love this position because of the great sense of intimacy it provides. The receiving partner is in control of her movement, and being in control of her movement she controls the amount of pleasure involved. Just like the cowgirl position. This position is perfect for multiple orgasms, the clitoris, vagina and in most cases the butt hole is being stimulated at the same time, and we know how good the clitoris feels and the magic it works during an orgasm. The beauty of this sexual position is that it’s not limited to heterosexual lovers alone, this position also works well for lesbian/gay lovers. Women who have a difficult time achieving orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone should try this. The reversal of roles makes the sex intense, the giving partner can be s receiving partner.

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