If sex is refreshing, then early morning sex is the R in refreshing uplifting. I know it may seem crazy having to go rounds with your partner in the morning when you may be thinking of dodging traffic to get to work on time and a trail of things that may put early sex as secondary on your mind. But, early morning sex is a huge stress reliever and having that D or P for breakfast before starting your day can leave you happy and contented.
These benefits of morning sex will make you reschedule your waking up moments.
1. It’s a great way to start your day
What’s a better way to start your morning than engaging in physical and intimate sexual activity before facing the stress of the day. Sex generally creates a feeling of euphoria and morning sex keeps you feeling excited, glowing and more active. Having good sex in the morning leaves you feeling untouchable throughout that day. I mean, what’s a better alarm clock than a good Dick.
2. The sex is better
You are just waking up and your partner is not tired. The man below is wide awake and ready to do your bidding. He is bigger, harder and ready to do a marathon if you please. So, why don’t you enjoy the moment and get better satisfaction.
3. Intimacy
Your mouths are not brushed, hair tousled and your face in its most natural state. This creates a form of intimacy and bonding between couples, because they are in their most vulnerable state. This intimate moment makes the sex great among couples.
4. It improves your look
Good sex makes me glow and it’s impossible for anyone looking at me to miss that glow. Sex in the morning improves the circulation of blood around the body and helps lower the risk of blood pressure. Isn’t this sexy, when women orgasm, there is a release of oxytocin which lowers blood pressure in women. In addition to getting the morning glow, you are getting the healthy glow.
5. The memory makes you have a better day
I used to tell my friends that whenever I have good sex I rarely get offended. The memory in my head is enough to allow my anger dissipate. Morning sex gives you something to think about for the rest of the day. You may find yourself smiling at a memory in your head or replaying the vibe of the sex when alone. Either ways, morning sex is a win-win situation.

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