When I first stumbled upon her interview about black women embracing their hoe nature, I got intrigued at the pure honesty with which she addressed being a woman. Rashida Khanbey is more than your regular sexually aware woman, she is the embodiment of a sexually liberated black woman.

Women’s Sensuality Coach, Writer, Speaker, Meditator and Filmmaker. The plus size female takes pleasure in teaching women how to reclaim their sexuality and have a better sex life. She does this through her dance eroticism classes where she teaches black women to take control of their own bodies and own their sex life in the bedroom. Rashida is the creator of a series called SEX IS A GOD THING, where she tells stories through short movie clips about sex and spirituality.

Rashida is a body positive activist with various body positive and sexually inspiring messages which she shares on her Instagram page. She started the sensuality workshop #reclaimingyoursexy on her IG page and so many women have joined in to support her. Apart from teaching women how to be sexually aware, Rashida shares inspiring messages on self-love, forgiveness and exclusion of negativity and the impacts they have on relationships.

Rashida’s favorite pleasure rituals are body worship, getting dressed in beautiful lingerie, taking photos of herself periodically sometimes just for her. She is comfortable in her own skin and encourages other black women to do so.

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