20 Creative sex ideas for the holiday

2020 may have been filled with lots of drama but it has proven to be a sexually exploratory year for singles and couples especially with the lock down. And now that it’s Christmas, the favorite holiday of the year; this is a good idea for relax and explore creative ways to spice up your sex life. It doesn’t matter if you are single or with a couple there are a million creative sex ideas you should put on your bucket list this holiday. And if you are at a loss on what to do, here are 20 creative sex ideas you can try out this holiday.

20 creative sex ideas for the holiday

Experiment with kink and BDSM

There is no better time to get tied up and experiment with bondage and kink than the holidays when everyone is relaxed. Talk about it with your partner and if they are game, you can begin your exploratory journey.

If you are new to BDSM, these beginner kinky sex ideas will be your guide.

Try a different kind of toy

Masturbate using a toy you have not tried before. If you are the vibration girl, give suction toys a try instead like the Mahogany clitoral suction toy. Or spice up your orgasms with dual stimulation toys like the Mahogany Pleaser Rabbit you have not tried before.

Have more nipple play

Pay more attention to your nipples. Invest in nipple clamps and play with yourself to increase pleasure sensations. Who knows you may even have a nipple orgasm.

Have hotel sex

There is something different about hotel sex. Book a room in any nice hotel of your choice, lay on the fresh sheets, relax and enjoy pleasure with your partner or alone.

Try edging

This is a must try for anyone of any gender that wants to make their orgasms more intense. So, whether you are masturbating or with a partner, hold in those orgasms when you feel like cumming for a couple of times before you release.

Explore with an arousal gel

What’s the worst that can happen when your clitoris gets so tingly with horny excitement? Nothing, only better orgasms and a happy partner (sexual happiness is real).

Buy a sex game

Strip poker is fun but a sex game is a different kind of bliss. A sex game is exciting to explore with, it tells you what to try, suggests new positions and increases sexual tension and excitement. It’s a breath of fresh air.

 Use sex toys together

You can never go wrong with couple toys and there are lots of them in the market to try. Put more excitement in your sex life with couple toys.

Have a boudoir shoot

Dress up in any sexy lingerie, put on some makeup, wear a good wig, lighting and model your perfect body for yourself. Feel yourself!

 Have a threesome

Have you and your partner try a threesome together if you are game for it. You can start here

 Try lubes in the bedroom

Lubes are a must have in the bedroom and if you have been having sex without it, you should add one now. Try our organic lubes to get started.

 Try new positions every time you have sex

Bring some novelty to the bedroom by experimenting with new sex positions. The sex position card is a good place to begin.

 Read and play out an erotic scene

Read an erotic book and replay that scene with your partner. Your acting skills do not have to be stellar just make sure you are enjoying yourself.

 Share  a sensual massage

Treat each other to an erotic early Christmas present with a massage. Massages are intimate because you get to feel every inch of your partner’s body with your fingers.

 Have slow sex

Take your time, feel your partner’s breath on your body, their moves, maintain eye contact and take things really slow. You would be bursting with love by the time you are done.

 Make a sex music playlist

Yes, you deserve to listen to something erotic while at it. Create one alone or with your partner.

 Have sex without penetration

It doesn’t matter if you are riding solo or partnered, ditch penetrative sex. Find creative ways to pleasure each other. Try oral sex, make out and pleasure the clitoris alone. Whatever form you like, do it.

 Have sex blindfolded

Sensory deprivation can be creatively sexy. Deprive yourself of your sense of sight and focus on your other senses. It would be nothing like you have ever felt before.


Get multiple orgasms

Nothing feels as good as getting orgasms back to back as you like. Challenge your partner to give you one or explore by yourself using toys.

 Have sex with aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are natural libido boosters and taking it before sex will increase your sexual arousal and make sex extra fun.

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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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