How to reset your sex drive for 2021

It’s twelve days into the new year and resolutions are on the rise for the new year: financial, health, , career, sex and so on. 2020 has been a challenging year for each and every one of us; we have been faced with emotional stress, loss and isolation which have put a strain on our relationships and sex life. Despite all that has happened last year, the silver lining of 2020 is that the lock down has helped us become more in touch with our bodies and sexuality.

Although it may be 12 days into 2021, it is not too late to get deliberate about your sex life through certain sex practices that can help boost libido,improve your sex drive and help you live your best sex life. If you have set a sex goal for the year or you are yet to know how to, here are some steps you can follow to reset your sex drive in the new year.

7 steps to reset your sex drive in 2021

1. Get enough sleep

If you are always  sleep deprived there are chances that your sexual drive is low. Lack of sleep reduces cognitive function, alertness and emotional reaction- all of which is related to libido. More sleep especially for women is important and can greatly improve sexual arousal and desire. If you are a night crawler, try going to bed 30 minutes earlier for a week and see if there is any change in your sexual drive.

2. Choose organic products

If we pay attention to what we eat, drink and wear, what about what we put into our vagina. The vagina is very sensitive and it can absorb chemicals into the bloodstream within seconds. Some of these chemicals can disrupt the pH level of the vagina, which leaves it open to yeast infections, pH imbalance and hormone level. A distorted vaginal imbalance can also lead to dryness which makes sex painful and unfulfilling. If you want to enjoy a fulfilling life, then opt for organic products only in your intimate region. Do not douche, use organic lubricant or sex enhancers.

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3. Spend time pleasuring yourself

If  you want to skyrocket your libido in the new year, begin by spending more time to pleasing yourself. Yes, you are your own sex partner and you should enjoy having sex with yourself as much as possible first before any other person. What do you like most? Make a list of 20 things you enjoy sexually and dedicate some minutes of your time daily to pleasuring yourself the way you like. Make masturbation an intimate moment. Always check in with yourself before and after masturbation to know how you feel and what would make you feel better.

However, the touch doesn’t always have to be sexual; it can just be touching your body physically and feeling every part of your body. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, do it. This can help you heal, release the stress and connect with your body again.

4. Stay fit

Movement can greatly improve your libido as it helps in the circulation of blood flow around the body. Staying physically active can also help increase testosterone production which governs your sex drive. When the sex hormone production is out of sync it becomes more difficult to find the motivation for sex. If you want to reset your sex drive for 2021; include more physical activity into your daily routine.

5. Hack your desire levels

As women, it is difficult for our desire levels to be activated easily or turned on and off as a switch. This is because there are two ways our libido ramps up; spontaneous and responsive desire. Spontaneous desire happens out of the blues. This happens when the desire for sex comes and the body reacts to it immediately by sending responsive signals through the arousal process. The arousal process starts like this: body heats up, blood flows, racing heartbeat, wetness and more. However, this type doesn’t always happen as often as we want and rarely occurs when stressed out.

The second type of desire can happen during stress and requires both partners to be more deliberate. Responsive desire is when you begin by physically arousing your body in order to get your blood pumping and build your desire for sex. You can begin the arousal through things like:  massage (ask your partner to give you one or give yourself a breast massage), eating aphrodisiac, listening to erotica, sex enhancers, drinking red wine or playing naughty sex games with your partner.

6. Wear what makes you feel sexy

Sexy is relative to different people but an outfit that highlights your best features, makes you feel powerful, empowered and confident should be in your wardrobe. And I mean a lingerie. A lingerie can be in form of a sexy sleep wear, a comfortable play suit you wear at home, a sheer dress you wear on special occasion or something you wear underneath your everyday outfit to boost your confidence and sensual appeal. You can never go wrong in the right intimates..

7. Go sex shopping

If you are ready for a sexual reawakening then you should get ready to shop for it. If you are ready to explore intimacy with your partner then you should find the different ways to explore it. Shop for sex products, lubricant, oils, book or anything you need to spice your sex life. Visit the store at to begin

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