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The benefits of Yoni Steaming. f

To steam or not to steam

There are lots of arguments online about Vagina or Yoni steaming as it is popularly called, what it means and if it really has any benefit.s. Vagina steaming is a natural remedy for cleansing the female reproductive organs. This includes the vagina, cervix and the uterus. Yoni steaming has been in existence for a long time and is a powerful ancient remedy that has been available for centuries and used by women to support deep wellness. Despite its existence, it did not become popular in the Western world until celebrities like Chrissy Teigan and Gwyneth Paltrow popularized its use. 

The purpose of a vagina steaming is to cleanse the female reproductive organ. Cleansing of these organs can encourage fertility and help with hormonal imbalance among other health benefits. Vagina steaming has also been practiced as a self-love session for the body. Women in times past have used this to heal, nourish and love our bodies. In recent times, more women have openly talked about Yoni steaming and if you are wondering why, here’s why many modern women are opting for a yoni steam.

1. It regulates your menstrual cycle

A yoni steam can help alleviate the symptoms of menstrual cramps like bloating, cramps and exhaustion. It does this as well as regulate irregular and absent periods. For women who experience irregular and absent menstrual cycle during their periods. a yoni steam before your periods can help regulate the menstrual cycle.

2. It aids childbirth recovery

Every new mother should add a yoni steam to their childbirth recovery journey. A yoni steam promotes healing of vaginal tear and C-section scar. It also provides more rapid healing and tones the reproductive system faster after childbirth.

3. Heals the womb

Many women in our modern world today suffer from certain health challenges such as fibroid, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. This may be largely due to the environmental toxins in the environment. Yoni steaming can support the uterus to shed old blood and give a more healthier womb  by expelling non-essential tissues and cells like polyps, PCOS, cysts etc.

4. Vagina steaming can improve self-love

Women who have enjoyed a yoni massage always confess to how good they feel after. A yoni steam gives women an opportunity to connect and cherish all aspects of their bodies. For other women, setting the time apart for a yoni steam helps her focus more on her body and release stuck emotions that do not serve them. This self-care routine provides women with an excellent time to relax their bodies, meditate and even write in a journal while steaming.

5. Makes your sex life more interesting

A vagina steaming improves circulation and increases natural lubrication which can heighten libido and make sex very enjoyable. A yoni steaming can help women have more improved confidence in their vagina which makes them feel more sensual. Plus many women have confessed to getting turned on during a yoni steaming session.

The benefits of yoni steaming are endless and other than the physical benefits there are some psychological benefits most women benefit from. A yoni massage helps women especially take back and own their yoni space especially if they have experienced any form of trauma. Another amazing thing about a yoni steam is that you have nothing to lose. It is body safe and is recommend for every woman. However, women who are pregnant or have any form of infections should not try a steam. Also a yoni steam should be attempted when menstruating and is not advisable for women with an intrauterine device (IUD) inserted in them.

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