I want to have lots of sex

Dear Mahogany, I want to have lots of sex.

I think I am soon going to become sexually frustrated. I want to have sex, lots of sex, mind blowing sex, but the problem is that I have not found the person with whom I would love to share this experience with.

I know a lot of guys would love to go to be with me because I am very attractive and sex, but I don’t just sleep around with just any guy. Whomever I get laid with has to be worthy. He as to be ready to explore every inch of my body, he has to have an open mind, because just like you say in some of your articles, sex is an art.

So I’m just going to hold on to myself till I find the one who is worthy and ready to do wonders to my soul and body.

Nkem 32.

Dear Nkem,

You are right, sex is an art, and your body is a beautiful masterpiece. You are totally doing the right thing by waiting of the one who is worthy, and willing to go on a mind blowing sexual experience with you.

You see just like art, you will only give an expensive masterpiece as a gift to someone who values and knows the worth of what you are giving out. So I would advise that you hang in there and hold on. I would also advice that you get yourself some erotic toys from www.shop@mahogany.com.ng and also do so mind opening exercises like yoga, this would help you for the main time. You should also read the article on transitioning, it would really help deal with your sexual frustrations.

All the best.





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