It’s a Thursday and I am off work  till the next day. It has been raining all day and I have less than one thousand Naira on me which is supposed to last till i resume work on Friday afternoon.
My room is a mess and the only thing left in my fridge is quick oats. I don’t even have sugar. Now I’m wishing I was patient at the fry stand on my way home.
I like to go to bed high the night before my free day. I have good kush but I’m not going to light up until I’m sure I have something to eat afterwards.
I go out to my balcony to roll a joint. I notice there’s light coming from Freda’s bathroom window. Her apartment was directly opposite but on another block entirely.
Is she home? I call her.

zeus “Hello, Freda.”
“Chizy!!!!” what’s with her happy tone, i wondered.
“How far, are you in?”
“Yeah, see the rain naw.”
“Yeah, that’s true, see, d’you have chaow, anything at all?”
“Chizy, Onyi is around o … come first”. She muttered.
“Serious, babe I’m starving.”
Hell, she always has food. Freda and I are cool like that. Last week she had to travel to Asaba and what was supposed to be a 2 days trip turned out to be a week and she called me to tell me where I will find her keys so I could help myself to the chicken stew in her fridge before it got spoilt. I’m lucky she’s home. I rush a shower, smoke the joint and head off to her apartment.
Her friend Onyi is in for real.
“Hey, hi.”
Wow, she has a nice gap tooth.
“Chizy,” Freda calls from the kitchen.
“Thank your stars, I was going to throw this last egusi away” She held it for me to see, ‘You’ll sha have to make your eba yourself. how na?.’
Freda is wearing a black jumpsuit. I’m still getting used to her new look, she shaved her hair last week. Onyi is sitting at a corner on the bed. She’s wearing a red tank top and sky blue jean trousers.
I grab the only chair in the room and I sit in front of the TV, in the middle of the room.
“Wow” I say, “And to think of my luck this week.” I feel a rush of sweet calming weed high down to my spine.

“Wait-wait- wait, Chizy, sorry, let me introduce you, my friend Onyi. Onyi, Chizy friend and shoul’ I say good neighbor?”
“Chizy North right,” Onyi says, laughing.
Okay, now I know Freda really told her.
“Nice to meet you Onyi.” I say and shake her. ‘ I saw your picture on Freda’s phone some time ago, i don’ know if she told you”
“Yeah, nice to meet you too, geez, did you?”
My kush breath betrays me.
“Chizy, don’mind her o, she’s a pot head too” Freda says.
We both laugh.
‘Okay, Chizy, let’s get down to the business of the night.’ Freda says. ‘Onyi here thinks I’m exaggerating when I say you can cum for Africa.’ She laughs. ‘I told her you could fill a shot-glass on a good day with your spunk.’
I sit still. I’m starving but I’m loving where this is headed. They’re lucky too. I’ve not masturbated since last week so my tank was really full.




Months back when Freda and I got close and I started visiting her, I use to tell her how I loved her big hanging rack and how it reminded me of a girl I dated. She said i was 2 months late and she was already in something really serious, so the best she could do for me was to flash her titties. It was better than nothing. I’d sit and she’d give me a boob tease session, not like a lap dance. Our bodies never touched and I’ll jerk off on my own. It was were I earned the name ‘Chizy North’. The name was inspired by Peter North, a porn actor. I’ve never been big with porn and I’ve been meaning to look up the guy just to see how I compare to him.
Anyway, I’m getting free dinner here and Onyi is smiling at me and they both really want a performance (that’s what Freda and I call our sessions). Freda locks the door and draws the curtain.

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