Mary finds out that John has been having an affair with a woman from work, she is quite devastated and confronts him. John claims to be sorry and promises to end the affair because he cannot afford to lose Mary. The affair comes to an end but Mary is never going to trust him in a long time. John keeps saying he still loves her despite the affair and it was nothing serious. Her friends have told her to forgive him, but she finds it difficult to believe you can still love someone and want to be with another person.
Mary is not the first woman to encounter this problem in her marriage or even in her relationship. There have been cases of men having multiple partners and still claiming to love their wives or girlfriends. I mean, it’s just sex, they are immune to catching feelings from just stuffing their penis in a vagina. But, how possible is it to engage in such a pleasurable desire with another person whom you have no feelings for and go back home to your lover and still claim to love her regardless.
Commitment is for the bold and if you are not ready for that, it’s best you stay out of it. When Jane cheats on her husband with a younger lover, all hell is let loose even when she insists that she loves him and it’s nothing to serious to get worked up over. Although, the affair is long over, their marriage did not make it out alive either. Her friends and family criticized her and nobody understood how she could have sex with a man and still love her husband.
When I threw this question out to my friends, the male folks agreed that a man could cheat and still love his wife but a woman may find it difficult to cheat without catching feelings or ignoring her husband. I agree that women are more emotionally prone but cheating should not have a gender constraint to it. I have met girls who hold the same values with men when it comes to sex.
This post does not slant towards any gender. But in my opinion, I don’t think you can love your partner and cheat on them incessantly. Love is about trust, respect and commitment. Can you love something you keep on hurting? There are chances of having an affair and still managing to keep your relationship on the right track but a devoted cheat has no right proclaiming love.

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