tips to improve your body image and sex life

Body image is simply the way you see your body, and what you think of it. A poor body image simply means you see your body in a negative light. As not being “beautiful” or “acceptable”.

Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and fight the person in the mirror because you expect yourself to look like someone else.  The image you want is what you have led yourself to believe is normal, what the society has tagged as a normal body and made you believe. That is why you cringe any time you look into the mirror and you don’t see what you want to see. Why? Because all you can see are your flaws, those parts that stand in between you and “perfection”.

That is why you tuck your belly in bed, obsess about the cellulite on your butt and ask yourself what your partner is going to say about the stretch marks on your arm .

Body image affects your sex life in every way. In fact it is your sex life’s best friend or worst enemy. Because with a negative body image, you can’t stand the thought of undressing and allowing another person see you in that intimate space. Sex is an intimate space and allowing someone in means they can see all the negative parts of you, especially your highlighted insecurities.

Why do people have a negative body image?

  • Perfectionism- people have been made to believe they have to be perfect before they accept their bodies.
  • Body images portrayed in the media contribute to this in so many ways. Women and Men have been made to believe that the body in the mainstream media is what is acceptable.
  • Validation from others to find their body acceptable

So many persons suffer from a poor body image and it affects them in the long run. A person with a poor body image will never initiate sex and the chances of them enjoying sex or seeking pleasurable ways to spice up their sex life will sound like a chore. Because there are parts of their bodies they do not want to be seen or touched. Does this sound like you? It is not too late to improve your body image.

How can you improve your body image?

Everyone talks about improving your body image and building self confidence. But, how does one improve their body image to be able to gain more sexual confidence and enjoy their daily life.

  1. Accept the fact that there is no normal body

Have you realized that your breasts, clitoris, vulva and other sexual body parts are all different from each other. There is no normal body, you need to accept this and learn to appreciate your body for its unique characteristics. Keep reminding yourself of this especially on days you find it difficult to believe.


2. Focus on the good stuff

Even the most confident person you admire in the room has something they may be insecure about. However, they have learnt to live with it confidently. Everyone also has something they like. Why beat yourself that your belly is bloated when you have the most amazing lips ever. Whenever you feel yourself feeling so conscious during sex, remind yourself of the good stuff. They never run out.

3. Give yourself a treat

Give yourself a treat or do something that makes you feel better about yourself. Make a hair, fix your nails, apply some cologne, wear lingerie that makes you feel better about yourself. Preparing your body for intimacy begins with you preparing your mind.

4. Take Pictures

Take pictures of your body and see how you look. Just like the images you see on the media, make images of yourself the new acceptance. Look at these images and accept what your body looks like. Don’t allow your body bully your mind.

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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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