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Dear Mahogany,
I am almost too ashamed to talk about this problem because it makes me feel less of a woman.
I was raped at 14 by armed robbers back in Nigeria.
My family relocated abroad the following year and live went all well. I underwent therapy for that horrific experience.
Over the years,  my sexual life has been uneventful and appalling.  The truth is, I don’t enjoy sex.  I don’t even like it.
The thought of someone getting on top of me and straddling me is nauseating.  My relationships have been a disaster. It bothers me. I look forward to falling in love and starting a family someday. Anytime I try sex with someone I like, it feels painful and I feel used thereafter.
I don’t think about my experience. I like to tell myself it never happened. Is it possible to hate sex for no reason?  To not enjoy it?
Could this be a medical issue?
I want to enjoy sex and  feel good like other women. I feel like an outcast when my friends talk about awesome quickies and sex with their boyfriends
Is there a way I can change this? What do I do?

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