Dear Mahogany,
I’m a 21-year-old girl and I just lost my virginity last year and during that space I’ve had only two sexual partners but I don’t get wet during sex with my current boyfriend.
I like sex and I can’t wait to experience the kind of orgasm people talk about. When is it going to happen, when would I experience this kind of comfort. Is it normal not to get wet when enjoying sex. I want to enjoy every aspect of sex before trying out lubes.
Dear Tina,
Thanks for reaching out to us. The tip to achieving great sex is being comfortable and relaxed both emotionally and physically. I understand that sex without being wet enough can be painful and kill the fun of sex. There are some instances as to why you are not getting sufficiently wet such as menopause, hormonal changes or your vagina is just acting up for no reason. Sometimes, not getting wet happens for no reason and it’s completely normal and there are changes you may want to effect to get you wet during sex. But here are some reasons you can’t get wet.
You are skipping foreplay; as a newbie to the world of sex, you have to slow down your pace and take time to enjoy full arousal before delving into sex. Don’t get carried away with stories that sex is the only form of pleasure, discover your body and don’t let your partner rush you into the main act before pleasuring your body properly.
Your mind may be elsewhere. The fact you say you want to have sex doesn’t always mean your frame of mind is ready for that 100%. You may be thinking about how to get an orgasm at the beginning and such a move can ruin sex for you. Stress does not tally well with sex. Keep yourself fully hydrated as dehydration can be a major contributor to not getting wet.
I would advise you try to study your body and don’t ignore your foreplay. Take advantage of these tips to keeping your vagina dripping wet during sex. Don’t be ashamed of trying out lubes, using lubes does not mean your pussy game is not top notch, it just needs a little bit of time adapting to change.

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