Dear Mahogany,

I am a young undergraduate trying to figure life out. I am not in a relationship.

I met this guy recently. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex. Thrice. Then we went our separate ways.

One month later, I discovered I was pregnant. This was my first time.  I was careless and we didn’t use protection.

I was scared, confused and unable to concentrate with school work. I come from a very strict religious family and having a child out of wedlock is unacceptable. I needed to save myself from shame and rejection so I went and got an abortion. I didn’t inform the father of the baby.

2 months have passed but I feel worse than ever. The guilt of what I have done gives me sleepless nights. I have shut everyone out of my life and all I can think about is this terrible sin.

Please, help me.

Olivia, 19.





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