Find Out Men’s Favorite Sex Positions

So we posted a poll the other day and we shared it on our Whatsapp and social media. It went BOOM! We asked twenty (20) men which three sex positions they enjoy most. Their response were, well, almost uniform.

Can you imagine their response? Well, you are about to learn something about your men. Oh and we got screenshots!

1. Doggy is the Jollof Rice of sex positions

Of course it is. At least twelve (12) out of twenty (20) men picked this without thinking. In fact their reasons for choosing this sex position was almost as uniform. They like the view!

But then these guys said:

sex positions

Well, we agree! It is win-win for us too! We don’t have to endure your alcohol-scented breath and we don’t have to worry about you seeing our nasty cum face. Everyone is happy.


2. Cow girl and Reverse cowgirl is the Ofada Rice of sex positions

Women like to think men like this dish because it is rare and wonderful because they don’t have to do that much work. Haha! Not nearly true. This sex position gained 5 votes out of 20 and was everyone’s second favorite.

For this guy:

sex position

Best sensation? We would like to agree with him seeing as it provides great sensation for some women too. This position allows us room to gently rub on our clit while his dick is rubbing against it from the inside. You have a great chance at getting two types of female orgasm here.

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3. Missionary may be the Fried Rice of sex positions

Imagine our shock! Seeing as most men complain about doing all the work in bed, we would think that this sex position would not make the list at all? ¬†Surprisingly, it got on the list for pretty much the same reason we love it too. Turns out, men like this sex position for it’s intimacy.


This guy, just likes the view!

Join in the fun, ask your man what is favorite position is and tell us in the comments.

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