Dear Mahogany,
My wife is about six months due and her stomach is kind of protruding but she keeps asking me for sex. We have been having sex since she was in her first trimester, but I stopped when she was approaching her second trimester. I don’t want to hurt her. And I don’t know the best position to place her on so I don’t harm our baby. She even wants oral sex, what do I do. She seems unhappy about the fact that I’m ignoring her request.
John 32.

Dear John,
Thanks for reaching out to us. Your fear is completely normal. Many men are scared of having sex with their wives during pregnancy especially when the bump gets bigger because they are scared they might hurt the baby. But, pregnancy doesn’t have to be completely boring, you can keep having sex with your wife until her third trimester (you may need to experiment positions). It is good for women to have sex during pregnancy because it helps the couples bond easily. There are different positions you can try out that puts her out of harm’s way and doesn’t affect her stomach position.
• Woman on top position
You can sit or lie in a comfortable position when she climbs on top of you. This works in the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position. In this position, she will be able to control her movement and thrusts and at her own pace, you wouldn’t have to be worried about harming her.
• Spooning
The intimacy of this position makes it perfect for pregnancy. This position works best for all trimesters because it gets the belly out of the way. Have her lying on her side with her legs drawn towards her chest and penetrate her from behind.
• Edge of the bed
Have her sit on the edge of the bed and make her lie back, then you can kneel or stand in front and penetrate her.
• Doggy
This is one of the most convenient positions for pregnant couples, although it may get more difficult with time. Instead of the conventional doggy, have her stand at the edge of the bed, bend her torso and use her palms against the bed for support. With this in position, you can penetrate her from behind and stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

Oral sex is safe during pregnancy, if you are too tired for the hassles of sex and you want to pleasure her, you should go with oral. Although, caution should be taken and air should not be blown into the vagina during oral sex.

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