Growing up in Nigeria as women, we were told special tales about how a virgin was known through the blood stain on the bed sheet and the feelings of pride associated with it. So, what happens when you don’t see the sign of your virginity, it may sound disappointing for you and your lover especially when you have been expecting to see that bloody evidence. Don’t fret, failure to bleed after your first sexual act does not mean you are not a virgin.

What causes bleeding?

Bleeding does not mean your vagina is brand new and you unwrapped the gift underneath or in some situations, popping the cherry. What causes bleeding/ popping during your first intercourse is the tearing of the Hymen.  The hymen is a small ragged membrane inside the opening of your vagina. The first time the person has sex, the hymen stretches which may result in mild or moderate bleeding. And there goes your evidence of virginity.

Why you may not have bled.

Not bleeding, doesn’t translate to you not being a virgin, there are other factors that may have caused it, some of them are;

  • You may not have a hymen

Although this is relatively rare, persons without a hymen have nothing that stretches inside their vagina and in this condition bleeding is not expected.

  • Closed hymen

This is called imperforate and is a condition two percent of most women are born with. Having a condition like this requires surgery before the hymen can be opened for period blood to be able to flow through.

  • Sports and physical activity

Engaging in some sporting activities such as cycling, gymnastics. horse riding or ballet can cause your hymen to tear naturally at an early stage without their consent.

  • Tampons

Wearing of tampons or fixing of objects in the vagina can cause the hymen to break.

Virginity can be a touchy subject but there is no need to feel lesser as a woman if you didn’t bleed after your first intercourse. In some cases a broken hymen may not bleed. You do not have to prove your sexual history to anyone, let go of the single story attached to your virginity, take pride in your sexuality and do what makes you feel awesome as a woman. Bleeding does not signify integrity.

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