This sexual position which dates back to the 16th century may seem new to most sexually oriented straight persons. Tribbing involves the act of a woman rubbing her vulva against her partner’s body for sexual stimulation especially to stimulate the clitoris. This position is common to lesbians and bisexual women, the name may be quite crude but this position allows for multiple orgasm.

Tribbing involves female-to-female genital contact being rubbed against each other or the rubbing of the vulva against the thigh, stomach, buttocks or any other body part  excluding the mouth to achieve pleasure. This sexual position is housed under the scissoring position. Women who practice this enjoy it because of the intimacy and body to body contact, it allows for the dual movement of the hip and body contact which stimulates the clitoris and allows for awesome orgasm. 

Tribbing is not limited to a particular sexual position, it houses the missionary position, a woman on top position, doggy as well as others. This position is accompanied by a lot of grinding and riding.

This position which provides a lot of intimacy and multiple orgasm also has its health implications as with other sex positions which allows for exchange of bodily fluids, there is a higher risk of transfer of sexually transmitted infections from a partner who has it.

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