Simple Solutions to Common Skin Problems

Even though flawless skin is a myth, having healthy skin is not impossible. As women, we always want to put our best skin forward and so we constantly fight every new blemish and cringe in horror every time something new pops up.

It may feel like an unending battle each month with new skin problems, acne, stretchmarks, moles, etc. but you are not alone. These skin problems are common to all women and simple solutions to get rid of them


This one right here truly is an unending battle. Breakouts are inevitable for one one reason or the either. However the biggest culprit is diet. Foods high in fat can cause you to break out in multiple spots  all at once. Other causes are stress,  hormonal imbalance, bacteria, clogged pores, and activities like pressing your phone too close to your face.

  • Use facial wash or soap that promises to unclog your pores, an example of this is salicylic acid
  • Use products containing benzoyl peroxide to fight bacteria
  • Use retinoid or any other mild exfoliant to keep your pores unclogged and prevent build up
  • Cut out fatty acids from your diet or reduce consumption as much as you can
  • Use oral contraceptives to combat excess production of the hormone androgen in your body

Stretch Marks

Some women are lucky enough not to get this. The rest of us who do are at the mercy of cosmetologists online and offline who promise us heaven on earth. The simple truth is, the best time to treat stretch marks are when they are fresh and still red.

  • Use prescription creams that contain retinoid
  • Moisturize with organic oils like castor oil
  • Regenerate skin around that area with fresh aloe vera
  • Fade the scars of the marks with cucumber and lemon juice mix


Scars are regular skin problems like acne but they do not require medical treatment. Depending on what skin damage left you with a scar, they usually fade over time. But like stretch marks, you can help scars fade faster if you deal with them while they are still fresh

  • Use cucumber and lemon juice mix to lighten your scars
  • Use Turmeric paste to stop discoloration
  • Use baking soda to exfoliate and get rid of dead kin cells


These age lines appear gradually on the face, neck, hands and become more and more permanent as time goes on. Sun exposure, smoking, and extreme dieting can hasten this effect, making skin look older than it is.

  • Hydrate! If you are a smoker or heavy drinker, you need to drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated
  • Moisturize! Feed your skin organic oils like olive oil that rejuvenates your skin
  • Reduce intensity of skin care routines like exfoliation
  • Load up on super foods or supplements that contain Vitamins E and C

Eye Bags

Those puffy bags under the eyes is a skin problem also common to most people as we age. It is  caused by lack of sleep, allergies, diet, and sun exposure. In many cases, the darkened circles can be reversed by resolving the underlying cause, or they can be concealed with cosmetics.

  • Use cool cucumber to reduce swelling around the eyes
  • Use your used tea bag to constrict blood flow to that area (must contain caffeine)
  • Use cotton ball dipped in milk to tighten skin under the eyes

Large Pores

Pores are the tiny openings in the surface of the skin through which moisturizing oils are released. When pores on the face are large enough to be visible, they can cause frustration as well as facial skin problems. To some degree, pore size is hereditary, but pores also appear larger when they contain trapped oil and skin cells.

  • Exfoliate and exfoliate. Keep your pores clean always
  • Use cold water to close up pores
  • Use cotton ball dipped in a mix of 1 part apple cider, 1 part water to tighten your pores

Five (5)  Overall Solution for all Skin Problems

1. For Oily skin type: Keep your pores clean by exfoliating 

2. For Dry skin: Keep your skin nourished with moisturizers 

3. For skin infections: Use oral or topical antibiotics to get rid of bacteria

4. For healthy skin: Load up on water and cut out unhealthy fat from your diet

5. For glowing, ageless skin: Stick to a long term skincare routine and avoid trying out to many products on your skin

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