Most sexually active women may be familiar with the phrase ‘You need to pee before and after sex’ although most of us may not know the reasons why we need to urinate before/after sex but we do. I know we may think that the best time to urinate is before sex so we can clear our bladder of whatever it’s carrying to enable us distinguish between when we are hitting cloud nine and getting ready to orgasm and knowing when the urine lingers at our doorstep. (I know we have all been there). But, medically urinating before sex is a big NO.
The mantra you have heard all your life about ‘urinating before sex’. can pose serious health problems to you. While urinating after sex is what should be done every time, urinating before sex should be in the red zone, while this may seem like the proper thing to do, experts have said that this can increase the chances of having a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).
UTI is a common infection and it occurs in both men and women but more in women. During sex, the bacteria present in the vagina can be passed to the urethra which is close to the vagina. This means that when you wash up immediately after sex this can prevent the bacteria from going into the bladder to cause infections. So, holding on a little bit longer to that urine till after the sex can help push out all of that bacteria and reduce the chances of having a UTI.
Urinating before sex is the No. 1 cause of post-coital urinary tract infections, also known as honeymoon cystitis according to Yahoo Lifestyle. If the bacteria isn’t dislodged it makes its way into the bladder where it reproduces and grows causing a UTI.
Another reason why you shouldn’t urinate before sex? It can cause subsequent painful urinations. The female urethra is only two inches long (quite a short distance for bacteria to swim across). And some women are more likely to experience that issue because their vaginal opening is positioned nearer to their urethra.

Wiping or washing clean after sex is great for the vagina but it doesn’t work wonders for cleansing inside your vagina. It is important to stay hydrated before sex and try to urinate after sex. And it is believed that women have better orgasms with a full bladder.

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